Now Open! The 4realz Bookstore

Early today I was having a conversation with Eric Bryn on twitter when he said:

have you read Guy Kawasaki’s book Art of the Start’?

which was all the impetuous I needed to finally get around to publishing my very own online marketing bookstore here on 4realz. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing ever since I built a similar (Amazon-powered) bookstore for a client, but just never took the time to do for myself.


So far, I have three categories of books:

  • Online Marketing
  • Starting Your Business
  • Blogging

and only two books in each category.   My idea is to limit the books under each category so as to make it a “best” of breed books…

Nonetheless, I like the idea of adding a few more books to each of the categories and potentially even another category of two, so if you have a book that should be included because it’s been particularly inspiring to you, definitely let me know!

3 responses

  1. Dustin- am I clicking on something wrong? I only see 2 books.

  2. Oh – I see, I was only in the section on blogging. I needed to go to the right sidebar and click the other sections. Sorry.

  3. John, glad you made sense out of it… Amazon makes their bookstore is pretty darn easy to set-up and configure, but the result is that there isn’t a lot of flexibility in the design or structure. I definitely wish they made it a bit easier to make the categories stand out a bit!

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