4realz Gets a Makeover…

RCG-ideaInspired by my desire to redo the RCG theme, I recently gave 4realz.net a makeover… If you want to see what I did and why, check out my post on Rain City Guide:

And no doubt about it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the redesign!

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Dustin Luther

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11 thoughts on “4realz Gets a Makeover…”

  1. Hey Dustin…lookin’ good! I agree with your wife. The new design is easier on the eyes, has a little more white sapce, and makes it easier to find things.

    I’d be curious to see how your Facebook Connect panel would do on a different page. While fewer people would see it, perhaps they would have enough reason by then to feel compelled. Just a thought. It seems the “Recent Comments” is of more interest, at first. I think you suggested you might make that change. Could be interesting!

    The new colors are a little colder, but look serious and official.

    Looks good!
    Tony Fantis
    Salt Lake City, Utah

  2. Only cuz you asked (sorta), here are my thoughts on the redesign:

    I think I liked the old header better. But the navigation bar on this one is totally awesome and functional.
    I like the “Recent Comments” displayed on the right sidebar.
    I totally like the threaded comments feature!

    Anyway, just a few things I took notice on and thought I’d share… All in all, great redesign!

  3. I like the redesign. Makes scanning the site easier imo. You have some wasted space in the left hand column when you are viewing a post. Any chance you could move one of the columns over from the right side?

    1. Great call on the “right panel”. I had two ads up there, but earlier today, they stopped showing and it almost definitely had something to do with an upgrade to a flash plugin. I’m gonna have to look into that!

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