Going way back before I took my job at…

…Move, I landed a 30-minute meeting with Dan Rosensweig (COO of Yahoo at the time), where I tried to convince him that I should lead up a team for Yahoo to build a platform that would help real estate professionals market themselves at a local level using the various tools Yahoo had in-house (at the time, it was something like Yahoo 360, Flickr, upcoming, local business reviews, maps, listings, etc.).

Dan’s strongest argument against such a platform was that I should prove out the concept first by doing it myself since almost all of these platforms had APIs (and theoretically, he was right, but I was looking for a regular paycheck!).

Anyway, I only remembered this story after reading Joel’s post about Seth Godin’s new product: SquidZipper.

Even two years after my call with Dan, the market for providing a free, quality, and local marketing platform for agents is still largely undeveloped… and while one of the real estate focused verticals like Trulia or Zillow could theoretically fill this niche, it still seems like such a no brainer for one of the big guys like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo to take a page from Seth’s playbook and create a niche-specific platform for their various tools!

Seth’s platform is a great idea… but it is still missing the one thing that could really make a platform like this work: an abundance of consumers!

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  1. So true. I’ve never understood the appeal of Squidoo, and obviously I’m not the only one. For hyperlocal content, blogging still seems like the way to go.

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  3. From where I sit, Seth has his finger on the exact pulse of consumers and how they behave. They’re going to sit down at a search engine to look for their hyper-local information, and guess what is going to come up? My hyper-local, hyper-focused SquidZipper page, especially because it will link to my hyper-local blog and my hyper-local Squidoo Lens, all of which will point back to my hyper-local SquidZipper page.

    Oops! Now that I let the cat out of the bag, I’d better actually head over and set it up. =-D

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