Small Biz Win for Dell!

I was pleasantly surprised to find an uptick in interest (including more than a few emails!) from people over the past day or so regarding my toolshed where I’ve summarized some of the best technology and marketing tools for real estate professionals.

Checking my stats, I noticed that most of the traffic was from Facebook, so I immediately assumed it was from my Facebook Page, which really has been growing at a ridiculous rate lately… (700+ fans in the last week alone!) However, looking a bit closer at the stats, I noticed the ToolShed was featured by Dell’s Small Business Facebook Page.
Dell Small Business Link to 4realz

How cool is that! Thanks Dell! I’ve put a lot of love into that page over the past year, so it’s much appreciated that you picked up on the work that’s gone into it!

And truth be told, almost all of the information on the page came from things learned from hosting 4realz Roundtable conversations last Summer… so I thought I’d take this chance to also share my appreciation with the real estate professionals who took part in that fun endeavor last year!

<shhh> don’t let the Dell folks know I run my small business off a mac… although I do have a Dell projector that rocks! </shhh>

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  1. Dell gets social networking. The have a several good blogs at They even have several twitter accounts, starting with

    As for Apple, well at least they can make a cool phone.

  2. Agreed! Dell’s way ahead of the pack when it comes to social media!

  3. Kudos Dustin!

    Funny, I was just thinking about a conversation we had a couple weeks back in LA. I always enjoy discussing things with you, whether they’re roundtable or not. Thanks for always sharing.

  4. Well done Dustin. That’s how I came across your site – and a damn fine site it is. I really enjoyed your last Toolkit article. Funny you know, I was writing a similar post myself when I saw your article come through Dell. A link has been sent your way. All the best.

  5. How cool is that? I won’t tell…I use a Mac too.

  6. Hi Dustin,

    Well done on the Dell mention. That’s big kudos and well deserved. Since finding your blog through Dell I’ve linked to you from both my Linkroll and from within a post.

    All the best.


  7. Sorta off topic but I had an issue with Dell, thumbs down on the customer service over the phone. Got ahold of @RichardatDell via Twitter and problem solved. Easy and no headaches. They might be onto something with this socmed stuff.

    BTW congrats on the plug 🙂

  8. #phonefail and #twitterwin in one comment. It definitely like they’re figuring this stuff out!

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