Category: Real Estate Technology

  • Windows Phone Left Me Underexposed

    Thanks to Microsoft, I recently had a chance to test out a Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) for about a month… and the timing couldn’t have been better since it arrived on the day I returned from a vacation to Paris where my iPhone 4s was stolen. The Sumsung Focus with Windows Mobile is a tight […]

  • BuzzRE OC Wrap-up!

    The BuzzRE  OC event was so awesome…   I met so many great people and the speakers came through with awesome presentations. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to join us! Some of the highlights were: Jon Lansner: Compared to any time in recent memore, there’s actually some good news to talk about […]

  • Fitting Internet Marketing into an Agent’s Biz Flow

    Over the past 6 months, I’ve had numerous (too many to count) conversations with Garron Selliken about tools we could build for HomeQuest clients and/or M Agents…  Rather than just building cool stuff because we *could*, Garron consistently brings almost every conversation about new tools back to an understanding of how the tool is going […]

  • Most Influential Twitter People In Real Estate

    Earlier today I saw Irina Netchaev tweet about how Mike Mueller, Jeff Turner,  Jay Thompson and I were some of her “favs”, so I couldn’t help but be curious what she was referring to… Her link sent me to the type of poll that everyone loves to hate:  A popularity contest where the “community” is able […]

  • Publishing from my phone???

    About a wek ago I decided to stop trying to make do with my blackberry and bought an iPhone… I’ve spent the past week playing with apps and found some great ones, although I haven’t tried publishing a blog post using the wordpress app, so here goes… By the way, (assuming the photo upload works […]

  • “How likely is this person to send me business?”

    Lately, I’ve been putting a huge focus on thinking through how we (as professionals) can use social networking tools to build and strengthen our relationships… and in particular, our relationships with people who are key to growing our business (i.e. our “sphere” or “referral network”). And this has led me to my new favorite tool, […]

  • Screw consumers… Let’s use internet tools to do what REALTORS do best!

    I gave a presentation last week in Portland where I asked the audience of about 300 REALTORS two questions: Do you drive most of your business from referrals… friends, family, past clients, other agents, etc.? Do you drive most of your business by reaching out directly to consumers… ads, online home search, etc.? A little […]

  • I’m totally missing the buzz… I’ve b…

    I’m totally missing the buzz… I’ve been playing with Google Buzz for a few days now and I know I must be missing something *big* because the ONLY thing I’ve found interesting about it so far is that by connecting with a bunch more people on the google platform, I now get more articles showing […]

  • Nothing like an Inman event in NYC!

    I’m always get excited before heading out to an Inman event… The team at Inman has always made sure I get some great visibility through speaking and moderating panels, and truth be told, I simply have a blast meeting up with all my real estate friends. This year is no different, they not only have […]

  • And where have you been???

    So, I’ve been pretty silent over here lately, but that’s only because something had to give or I’d go nuts.  But since I’m so darn silent here, I thought it’d be appropriate to let you know where I am active! My Facebook Page This is one of the most active communities I have going right […]