4realz Roundtable is Back: Using Facebook Pages to Generate Business!

[Update: What a great roundtable discussion. Thanks so much to Reggie Nicolay, Ricardo Bueno, Loren Nason, Mike Mueller, Stacie Wells and Brad Nix for joining the roundtable! If you missed the call, you can now listen to a recording via the TalkShoe widget to the right.]

Inspired by a conversation with Ricardo Bueno, I’ve decided to bring back the 4realz Roundtable radio show for a ONE more show!

This Thursday at 2pm PST, we’re going to have a conversation with real estate professionals on how to use Facebook Biz Pages to market yourself and I want you to take part!

Taking part is easy, but there are so many ways to take part it can seem a bit confusing. To simplify things, I’ve tried to break down the most common options here:

  • To simply listen to the conversation from your computer, return to this blog post at 2pm PST (5pm EST!) and click on the play button of the widget in the top-right of this post! This will stream the conversation to you through your computer!
  • To simply listen to the conversation from your phone, at 2pm, call this number: (724) 444-7444 and use this call ID: 20339. You’ll then be able to listen to the entire conversation from your phone (or more likely speaker phone!)
  • To listen to the conversation AND join the chat room, head over to the 4realz Roundtable TalkShoe page a few minutes before 2pm. As soon as you’re logged in, you’ll be able to start chatting with everyone else who’s logged into the call. You’ll also be prompted to stream the call on that page. While it’s not necessarily, I recommend that you sign up for a free TalkShoe account because it will let the rest of us identify you easier within the chat room!
  • To talk part in the call AND join the chat room, a few minutes before 2pm, call this number: (724) 444-7444 and use this call ID: 20339. Then join the chat at the 4realz Roundtable TalkShoe page to let me know you’re on the call. I’m not going to let EVERYONE who’s interested be on the call at all times (the quality deteriorates quickly with too many people), but I will unmute people as they let me know (through the chat room!) that they have an interesting question to ask and/or some insight they’d like to share.

Hopefully, you can see that taking part is really not that complicated… For most folks, listening to the conversations while taking part in the chat room is the best option!   Because the 4realz Roundtables attract some great people within the industry, I think you’ll find we’re going to have a great conversation where we’ll be able to share some great insights!

So far, I know that Ricardo Bueno will join me on the call, and I’m pretty sure Loren Nason is going to join to talk about some of the ways he’s been adding interesting apps to business pages.   In addition, I’ll be updating this post to add a few more people as we get closer to the call. If you’re doing some interesting things with Facebook Pages and interested in sitting at the roundable, let me know in the comments!

By the way, if you’re new to the concept of the 4realz Roundtables, check out some of the conversations we had last year where I was able to bring together some really great people talking about all kinds of interesting real estate conversations. If my consulting work hadn’t ramped up in such a major way, I’d probably still be doing these conversations on a weekly basis because they were so much fun (plus, I learned a bunch each week!) Some of the topics we took on last summer were:

17 responses

  1. Looking forward to it. I’ll be in on the chat!

  2. Just what I’m looking to learn more about! Hope to pick up a few things I can share with agents I work with and also that I can apply to the Fan Page’s I manage. Thanks for being such a great resource for all!

  3. Looking forward to getting some valuable tips on how to sort through what has been a fairly confusing process…

  4. Looking forward to seeing you there-this normally very early adopter has been slow to adopt Facebook. It keeps getting forced on me, and is growing on me. 😉 Will be there unless a possible client appointment takes precedence.

  5. Thanks everyone for the interest! I’m downright excited… and Rich, I noticed you’ve been building up quite the following on your biz page, so hopefully, we’ll get you involved in the conversation as well!

  6. Dustin:

    I will do my best to make this call. I’d love to chat more about what we started on your discussion board.

  7. I’m confused. I thought there was a call today.. 5 pm my time but your board says the 30th. Hmmm, I’ll have to revisit this as I’d love to listen in!

  8. oh no… Susie! I want you there… but it’s tomorrow!

  9. Brad:

    I still haven’t made the time to a make a private plea for you to show up tomorrow, so I’ll say it publicly: Please show up! We know there’s going to be enough true-believers on the call, so someone with a skeptical look at Pages will go a long way to making the conversation more interesting, educational and credible! I do hope you’ll make it!

  10. Dustin,
    Sounds like a fabulous event! I am disappointed I can’t participate. I can’t be available at 2 p.m. Anyway I can listen at a later time to a recording?

  11. Paul:

    You’ll definitely be able to listen to the event later…

    If you check out the TalkShoe player in the top right of this blog post, you can actually listen to any and all of the previous Roundtable discussions. Similarly, about 5 minutes AFTER our live conversation ends, the TalkShoe player will update itself so you’ll be able to listen to our talk on marketing with Facebook Pages.

  12. dammit, what’s with all the cool stuff going on this thursday while we’re at a conference!?! we’ll totally catch it afterwards, y’all have fun! 🙂

  13. You’re at a conference, huh? Based on feedback I’m getting, pretty sure there’s gonna be lots more Roundtables! 😉

  14. Thanks for posting Dustin, bummed I missed out on it but will listen to the call.

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