And where have you been???

my workSo, I’ve been pretty silent over here lately, but that’s only because something had to give or I’d go nuts.  But since I’m so darn silent here, I thought it’d be appropriate to let you know where I am active!

My Facebook Page

This is one of the most active communities I have going right now.    This is where I start conversations by sharing links that I find interesting from around the web.  Become a fan of my page follow along!

Ventura County Star and Socially Wired
This is not only one of my favorite consulting projects I’m working on, but also where I’m starting to post all of my “social media” type posts. If you’re interested in talking social media strategy, then join me over at the Socially Wired blog where I not only talk about social media strategy, but I’m describing the progress of implementing a social media strategy at a regional newspaper. As I’m JUST starting to ramp things up there and expecting a lot of posts on using social media to drive business in the very near future!

Rain City Guide
Always my early love, the Seattle community on RCG is as strong as ever. But not only that, I recently teamed up with some folks from M Realty to add a rock’n home search tool to the site. If you haven’t checked out RCG lately, definitely head over there to see how we continue pushing the boundaries of what a local real estate community website can be.


This is my “entertainment” start-up where I’m hosting Facebook conversations with interesting people in the movie industry that’s gotten out of control lately. In the month or so since I launched the tool, I’ve hosted conversations with directors, writers, actors talking about movies like The Stoning of Soraya M, Food Inc and Humpday.

Our next conversation is with Ric O’Barry of The Cove on Tuesday!  Definitely consider joining us and become a fan of the Spinnio Facebook page to get updated about movie events, news and stories!

For you following along at home, here’s a summary of the big projects I’m working on and where you can find me:

And of course, I love to banter on Twitter, but keep your expectations low for anything of value out of me over there!

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook
And I might as well make it easy for you… You can follow along with another of these projects right from this post!

Dustin Luther on Facebook

Rain City Guide on Facebook

Spinnio on Facebook

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  1. Congrats Dustin! It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. Given the economy, that’s a beautiful thing. Keep busy.


  2. How do you do you do it? Or, better yet, how did you get started? I wish I could claim the hall of fame to blogging, but I have fallen far short of this goal. I will be at the Wisconsin Realtor Convention, and am looking forward to hearing you speak. I hope we have the opportunity to chat before or after! Take care and I hope you have a wonderful visit to Madison.

    1. Hi Tonya! I can’t wait to meet you as well! I’m really looking to flying out to Wisconsin later this week!

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