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  • Resumes? Meaningfulness? and Hydrogen?

    Resumes? Meaningfulness? and Hydrogen?

    As of last week, I officially left my job as CMO at a large personal injury law firm. The obvious question I get from the friends and family when I tell them this is: “What’s next”… And truthfully, I don’t know. For people that know me, they probably won’t be surprised to hear that I […]

  • Hacked at Twenty Ten to Revamp 4realz. Check it out!

    Feels like it’s been “WordPress-all-day, Every-day” lately! One of the things I’m most excited about is hosting the WordPress WorkShop at Real Estate Connect in a few weeks! The Inman team did a fantastic job lining up speakers (Check ’em out: Chris Pearson, Peter Ricci, Reggie Nicolay, Justin LaJoie, Chad Parizman,Todd Carpenter, Niall Kennedy, and […]

  • How important is creativity in your SEO campaign?

    A few months ago, the Council of Residential Specialists asked if I’d be interested in giving a webinar presentation on SEO.  Of course I was interested (It’s scheduled for tomorrow!) and in putting the presentation together, it forced me to reexamine the state of SEO… and how to really get value out of an SEO campaign. […]

  • Talking Real Estate SEO with Aaron Majors

    I’m working out of Portland this week in prep for the BuzzRE PDX event tomorrow (which is gonna rock thanks to an awesome speaker lineup!)… and the talk of the M Office is Aaron Majors’ success (and enthusiasm) for the SEO work he’s been doing on his Portland Homes site. Here’s the interview I just […]

  • BuzzRE OC Wrap-up!

    The BuzzRE  OC event was so awesome…   I met so many great people and the speakers came through with awesome presentations. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to join us! Some of the highlights were: Jon Lansner: Compared to any time in recent memore, there’s actually some good news to talk about […]

  • Is it important to be proud of your real estate website?

    One of the things that has stuck out for me in talking with agents and brokers all over the country is just how embarrassed many are by their website.   When an agent hands me their business card, it’s so much more common for them to start making an excuse about their website (“oh… but […]

  • Just Launched: Facebook Like Plugin for Every Post on Your WP Blog!

    Super-sweet! The HomeQuest Team just launched a WordPress plugin that adds Facebook’s new Like button to every one of your blog posts! SWEET! You can download it (free!) here: It’s really easy to use. I added it to both and Rain City Guide in under 5 minutes… Here’s what it looks like on […]

  • REALTORS: You can use promoted posts to showcase your listings!

    But don’t! Greg Vincent asked the seemingly obvious questions as to whether agents should use Facebook Ads to send consumers to their post about a listing or a page on their website featuring the listing. The answer is neither. I’ve been buying Facebook Ads on-and-off for quite a while and have seen no evidence to […]

  • With Promoted Posts, Facebook is Targeting Google’s Adwords

    After writing my last post on why I think the ability to promote posts on Facebook is going to be huge, I realized I didn’t capture the “why” very well…  We already know that Facebook recently passed in terms of raw traffic, and yet the industry around turning that traffic into real business is […]

  • Facebook Promotion: It’s all about the status updates!

    Facebook is rolling out all kinds of changes to Fan pages today… but it wouldn’t surprise me if the MOST interesting change flies under the radar for just a bit.   What is the most interesting change?  The one I’m seeing is that you can now buy an ad for an individual status update! Here’s […]