Facebook Takes Another Step Toward Merging Functionality of Pages and Profiles

Anyone who’s been following this blog knows I’ve been playing pretty heavily with Facebook Pages as a marketing tool and think the tools have already surprised Twitter as a micro-blogging tool in terms of functionality (and in many ways, even utility).

This morning, I noticed that Facebook has now taken it one step further. In the area that used to be reserved for making “friend” recommendations, they’ve now started including profile Pages!


This rocks and I’m sure will make it even easy for people to gain traction on their profile page. And if you want to join my page as the community I’ve created explores how to use social media and Facebook Pages to generate business, then head over and become a fan!

By the way, I really want to thank the 200+ people who have become fans over the past few weeks. It’s been fun to watch as more people join because the conversations have obviously improved. It seems like almost every micro-blog post, video, link, etc. is generating a conversation, which just rocks from my point of view!

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  1. Dustin,

    More good information! We’ll be on the lookout for that.

    We are finding that many people do not understand the difference between a profile and a page, and how they can be a “friend” and/or a “fan”.

    thank you!

  2. Fran: Short answer: Definitely! I don’t think most folks know what a FB Page is yet or the difference between creating a Page for their business as oppose to having a personal profile on Facebook. The beauty of this is that it’s still early enough in the evolution of Pages that I’d think this lack of knowledge is a real market opportunity for some savvy business and brands.

  3. Nice job trying to get more fans, but I’m smoking you now!

  4. @Fran and Rowena, @Dustin: I am afraid that I am one of those people that doesn’t yet know the difference, but I am intrigued. I am going to soon be looking to expand my marketing efforts on Facebook. But, I have been thinking of ways to market myself and my website separately from my social page on Facebook. How can I start a group where people can follow my me and my website as a fan? How has this worked for you?

    Dustin, I’m would like to check out your page on Facebook. How can I do that?

    1. Su: Not sure how I missed this comment for so long… You can always check out my Facebook Page at http://dustinluther.wpenginepowered.com/

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