10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Your Smart Phone

Just walked out of the first Fusion event put on by the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate crew… So much fun!

I had a great time on stage yesterday with Jeff Turner, Gahlord Dewald and Wendy Forsythe talking internet marketing, building online influence, tracking and measuring results and the real value of conversations.

Also got a chance to hear some very inspiring speakers… I had never heard Tom Ferry speak, so that was a real treat… And the final keynote speaker, Keith Ferrazzi, gave an incredible talk on steps to improving business relationships.   (Did I mentioned I also got to hang with so many cool people like Andy Kaufman and Herman of Hermanity! AND that my grandma came out to watch one of my presentations! Again, so much fun!)

My involvement was to give two presentations.  The first on Building Online Influence and the second on 10 Things You didn’t Know You Could do with Your Smartphone.  Both were a lot of fun to give and since I promised the audience I’d share linkes to each of the apps I mentioned in the latter presentation, I thought I’d share them in this post. Enjoy!

1. Take voice notes while driving
2. Scan text out of photos
3. Find your parked car

4. Use group chat to keep up with your team

5. Accurately scan business cards

Amazon Price Check
6. Comparison shop

7. Pay for coffee

8. Get paid for coffee

9. Get push notification for important emails

10. Build your email list

And I’m always looking to deliver super-informative (and fun!) internet marketing presentations, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you hear of an interesting opportunity!

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  2. Good list! One other app that has gotten a lot of interest from people I’ve talked to is Expensify. It lets you track expenses easily by taking pictures of receipts, tracking mileage, etc. Very useful, especially given that tax season is almost upon us!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Just downloaded Expensify and look forward to testing it out. Looks like it integrates with FreshBooks, which would be a total bonus for me!

  3. I definitely have to check out Evernote. I didn’t know that it could take text out of photos!!!! Thanks for the info, Dustin.

    1. Yeah… Evernote rocks! I use it for so much! Definitely worth every penny (It’s free!) 🙂

  4. Good ideas. I just found out that Cardmunch was bought by Linkedin and is completely free. Downloading it now!

    1. Yes… hard to go wrong with Cardmunch! The app rocks!

  5. Very cool apps. I will have to give them a try. Thanks!

  6. I definitely need Evernote so I can find my car. It is SO embarrassing when I can’t find it. I live in an official “dark sky” city, meaning there are very, very few lights and night. I honestly can’t tell a red car from a blue one in the average parking lot here.

    1. BRENDA Avatar

      You can also use VIPER smart park. You can take a photo of where you parked as well as use the GPS locator. It also has a parking meter timer. Very cool.

  7. Oh, I need Card Munch. I’m notoriously bad at losing biz cards. I recently lost one that caused a whole cascade of problems. Now I can say, never again!

  8. Sarah Reynolds Avatar
    Sarah Reynolds

    It’s amazing the strides that have been taken in the last six or seven years with cell phone technology. The industry grew leaps and bounds, many thanks to one man in particular. Steve Jobs certainly left his mark on this world, RIP…

  9. Whats App. Its a free instant messenger that allows you to create groups as well as have 1-2-1 conversations. Its free for the first year and the $1.99 thereafter.

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