RE:RnD… Status of the real estate market with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton

Just finished up a ridiculously informative (and fun!) show with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton as part of the latest RE:RnD radio show. In the beginning, we took a real deep dive into macro-economic issues that are facing the industry and then focused in on how agents can use this knowledge in their business. You can listen to the show via the widget embedded in this post!

It’s been a lot of fun to team up with the notorious rob on this project… I’m not sure what you’all think, but I’m having a blast bantering with him and enjoying teaming up with him to dive into real estate issues. We already know the topic for next week, but I’m going to hold off announcing anything until we get a chance to get some speakers lined up. What I can say however, is that it’s going to be fun! 😉

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4 thoughts on “RE:RnD… Status of the real estate market with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton”

  1. Thank you Dustin and Rob, I am enjoying these sessions as well and have found them very informative. Next time I am going to push the link out to all of the agents in my office so they can start listening too.
    Loved the economic discussion yesterday.

  2. Sorry I missed you guys this morning. I thorougly enjoyed the session with Jonathan and Matt and was glad Jonathan stuck around when Matt came on.

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