Introducing RE: RnD!

notorious-robI must admit that when I first heard that  the Notorious Rob was had left Onboard and joined the ranks of a consultant, I got a bit excited. Rob is one of the smartest thinkers in real estate marketing, and if he’s decided to do consult, then I wanted to find a way for us to team up.

And great news on that front. We’ve decided to launch a weekly radio show starting this Thursday morning!

Are you curious what the show is going to be like? So are we!

Here’s what we know:

  • We’re calling it RE: RnD
  • We’ll run it every Thursday morning for one hour starting at 9am PST/12pm EST
  • We’re going to use TalkShoe, so you can get all the information you’ll need to call in and join the chat room here:
  • We’ve set up a Facebook Page at: Become a “fan” to get regular updates on the show
  • We’re still finalizing the guest list for the first show, but we know the topics we’re going to cover:
    • Current news and events (i.e. real estate banter)
    • Ways to promote your biz with FB Pages
    • NAR’s new code of ethics around social media
    • Fun and games (follow @rernd for details on the “games” part)

Some of the things we haven’t figured out yet are:

  • Which guests should we bring?
  • Which topics should we cover in the future?
  • Is there anyone interested in sponsoring the show?

Any way and either way, it’s gonna be fun!

Do you have an idea for how you’d like to get involved on the show?  Reach out any time!

And most importantly, become a fan of our Facebook Page so that you can get updates and details on our upcoming shows!

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  2. This sounds awesome! I don’t know Rob but he’s one of the few people I read in the that gets me excited because he’s obviously very smart and is a persuasive writer. This is definitely a scenario where 1 plus 1 = 3.

  3. My day just got a little sweeter, I’m seeing things with a clearer vision, the sun is shining a little brighter, this totally made my day! Will be fun + informative. Looking forward to it.

  4. Brilliant!
    You are both two great believers in the smart use of internet.
    Looking forward hearing what’s on your minds.

  5. Trace and Magnus… So glad you guys are excited as well. Rock rocks! and I can’t wait to see what comes out of this endeavor! 😉

  6. Guests should have opinions and personalities.
    Topics should cover ‘best practices’ for new media marketing.
    Sponsorship includes? costs?

    p.s. you need a schtick, like ‘two thumbs up’ or something. Ex; Rob gives a banana and Dustin gives an apple.

    bets of luck!

  7. awesome, looking forward to what you two hammer out

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  10. Eric: sorry your comment slipped into the spam filter, so I’m just now seeing it.. However, even if I’m seeing it a bit late, you just made my day a bit sweeter! 😉 This is gonna be fun!

  11. Brad: I love the idea of a schtick… been thinking about what that might be… although it might just have to come naturally. Rob is one smart guy, so the show is sure to be entertaining…

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