4realz is now Facebook Connnected

I don’t know about you, but the idea of adding Google Friend Connect to my blogs never really enticed me…. It seemed like just another MyBlogLog.

However, I’m kind of a Facebook Junkie, and so when I had a few minutes, I decided to look into Facebook Connect.  It’s pretty darn similar to Google Connect in that users (you!) can “join” a blog and it will display “recent” visitors.   However, the one HUGE benefit is that when configured correctly (there’s a bit more to this than I expected), users can push “comments” to their news feeds… and I’m pretty sure there’ll be other ways of integrating content created on the blog into Facebook in the near future.

With that in mind I installed and configured the facebook connect plugin from sociable.es.

Here are the major features that are enabled now (and I highly recommend you test them out!):

1) Connect with the site

  • that’s as simple as clicking on the bottom at the top of the right panel)

2) Push a comment to your Facebook Feed

  • That’s as simple as leaving a comment once you’re logged in & following the prompt that asks if you really want to push your comment to your profile
  • Interestingly, if you’re connected to FB, then the tool will override the “gravatar” avatar with your profile photo from FB

3) Invite others

  • Why not go ahead and spread some luv, 4realz-style!
  • If you’re looking for permission, then I hearby give you permission to invite people to read 4realz.  😉

4) Update your profile

  • If you want your comments to link back to your blog/website, then you’ll need to update your profile on the site (look for the “edit profile” text once you are logged in on the top right panel)

That’s all for now.   I thought I’d test it out on 4realz for a few days and if everything works well, then this is definitely something I’ll push to Rain City Guide soon.

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  1. Facebook connect rocks! It has my 100% of my vote. In regards to this plugin, Javier did a great job!

    In addition to what you mentioned We’re working on adding friend suggestions for possible connections, members online now, a local wall and more to the CyberhomesBlog.com.

  2. Awesome! If you get to the spot where you guys feel like you want to share some of that stuff, I’d love to play! 😉

  3. I forgot about pushing comments to facebook… that’s huge…

  4. Completely agree trace… That’s the piece that threw me over. Not sure if folks are going to use it, but if so, it could definitely help spread an interesting conversation!

  5. I hope the Facebook Friend Connect really takes off.
    I can see great value in it over Google – then again Google was so easy to setup and I can’t say the same for Facebook.

  6. I hear you Mike! Definitely not as easy to set up, but I have a feeling that will change with time as more wordpress folks hack at the available plugins.

  7. Hmmm. When I update my WordPress blog I’ll have to consider this too. Seems like Facebook is creeping more and more into my life as well.

    Hope to see you up here in Seattle at the REBarCamp next week, Dustin!

  8. Jim: Figuring out ways to use Facebook effectively seems to be part of just about every online marketing strategy I’m working on these days… It seems like it’s creeping up in just about everyone’s world lately! 😉

    And I so wish I was heading to Seattle next week, but it’s just not going to happen. Too much going on down here at the moment, but with flights being so darn cheap, it really is tempting.

  9. Facebook Connect is pretty sweet! I love Google but Facebook Connect is much better! We are going to incorporate it with our newly released WannaNetwork.com!

  10. looks good
    facebook’s new pay per click system is the way to go it lets you target such niche markets

  11. awesome, I’m trying to get into facebook. But ive lost intrest in it and myspace

  12. Just testing Facebook connect

  13. Gregory: Glad to have you test… Did it work as expected? 🙂

  14. Facebook connect does work and its much easier to be seen. I have seen my visits to my blog jump since I have begun the Facebook Connect.

    Lots of good info here.

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