“I’m looking to secure about 200k to finance a multi-niche exciting blog”

Over on BofA’s Small Business Community, someone asked (“Securing business financing“): Hello! and Happy New Year! I was wondering could someone please advise me on ways I can secure business financing for my business, operating since January 2009. I already know that I will not be approve for traditional financing so I am not seeking […]

How do you pick a great Twitter name?

Not too long ago, Wendy and I were spending some time trying to figure out what she should choose for her Twitter handle.   Her previous handle was associated with her company and she needed something that would do a better job representing her. Not surprisingly, picking out a good Twitter handle is not easy… […]

Publishing from my phone???

About a wek ago I decided to stop trying to make do with my blackberry and bought an iPhone… I’ve spent the past week playing with apps and found some great ones, although I haven’t tried publishing a blog post using the wordpress app, so here goes… By the way, (assuming the photo upload works […]

Interesting… There’s been some talk t…

Interesting… There’s been some talk that it’s taking google buzz quite a while to index tweets, but I just notice that it picked up my previous blog post nearly instantaneously. I hit publish on the post, went over to Google Buzz, hit refresh, and my blog post was there. Impressive.

4realz is now Facebook Connnected

I don’t know about you, but the idea of adding Google Friend Connect to my blogs never really enticed me…. It seemed like just another MyBlogLog. However, I’m kind of a Facebook Junkie, and so when I had a few minutes, I decided to look into Facebook Connect.  It’s pretty darn similar to Google Connect […]

REBlogWorld Presentation: With a Little Help from my Friends

I spent the better part of today completing the first draft of my presentation for next week’s REBlogWorld in Las Vegas!  (If you haven’t registered yet, it’s getting late, but there is still time to sign up: afflilate link.) For my presentation I wanted to create something a bit more advanced than I usual cover,  […]

Introducing the 4realz Hotlist

I’ve had this idea for a long time about how cool it would be to open up a blog to the general public with only minimal moderation to keep out spam, but I could never put all the pieces together until the wonderful folks at WordPress created a twitter-like theme called Prologue. It was at […]

While Corporate blogs can be…

…great for a variety of reasons, don’t expect to use a corp blog to drive consumer traffic.

“Realtor-on-Realtor Action” by Cronin was a highlight…

…of our panel on taking your blog to the next level.

Trulia Blog Platform?

Very interesting…