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  • Implementing Google Authorship

    I really want to get a better handle on google’s concept of authorship… As I find it’s always best to learn by trying to implement things, I spent some time this afternoon trying to configure myself as an “official” author within google search results. The idea is that my profile photo should show up next […]

  • Networking Relentlessly

    Just posted an article over on Credibility Insights based on a presentation I gave at CLU yesterday where I was actively encouraging the students to network relentlessly. Check it out: New Graduates: Network Relentlessly to Land Your First Job

  • A WordPress High at Real Estate Connect!

    A WordPress High at Real Estate Connect!

    I know I’m a bit biased because the Inman team has been good to me, but I really love the Real Estate Connect events.  So much fun!  And a day after hosting the WordPress Workshop I’m just now coming down off the high. Here’s a few of the photos I took of the session!   […]

  • Hacked at Twenty Ten to Revamp 4realz. Check it out!

    Feels like it’s been “WordPress-all-day, Every-day” lately! One of the things I’m most excited about is hosting the WordPress WorkShop at Real Estate Connect in a few weeks! The Inman team did a fantastic job lining up speakers (Check ’em out: Chris Pearson, Peter Ricci, Reggie Nicolay, Justin LaJoie, Chad Parizman,Todd Carpenter, Niall Kennedy, and […]

  • Just Launched: Facebook Like Plugin for Every Post on Your WP Blog!

    Super-sweet! The HomeQuest Team just launched a WordPress plugin that adds Facebook’s new Like button to every one of your blog posts! SWEET! You can download it (free!) here: http://u.pdat.es/ejprq It’s really easy to use. I added it to both 4realz.net and Rain City Guide in under 5 minutes… Here’s what it looks like on […]

  • Implementing Facebook’s Recommendation Social Plugin

    Yesterday, Jeff let me know how Facebook launched the “like” button yesterday and a bunch of other social plugins, and it’s been a non-stop conversation around the M Realty office this morning. The default “like” button didn’t work so well within my P2 theme, but I was able to get the recommendation plugin working with […]

  • WordPress at Real Estate Connect SF?

    Are you breaking the rules with WordPress in real estate? I wanna know! The good folks at Inman News have asked me to moderate the WordPress Summit at Real Estate Connect this summer and I couldn’t be more excited! While we haven’t tried to confirm any speakers yet (that’s where I want your help), I’m […]

  • Started searching earlier today for a pl…

    Started searching earlier today for a plugin that would display tweets about 4realz articles as comments and found a plugin, BackType Connect, that does all that and some… For example, here’s how a tweet that Linsey made about this post looks: Sweet!

  • I added the PuSHPress plugin that’s sup…

    I added the PuSHPress plugin that’s suppose to push your new blog posts to sites like Google Reader in real time… and sure enough, I checked Google Reader JUST after publishing my last post, and it was already there! Sweet! I love it when stuff like that works, even if I never can remember exactly […]

  • Publishing from my phone???

    About a wek ago I decided to stop trying to make do with my blackberry and bought an iPhone… I’ve spent the past week playing with apps and found some great ones, although I haven’t tried publishing a blog post using the wordpress app, so here goes… By the way, (assuming the photo upload works […]