When I started 4realz…

a year and a half ago, it was a pure test to see how much traffic I could generate (quickly) as an anonymous person talking about real estate.   In less than a week, I posted over 100 twitter-style blog posts (i.e. short, with no title), and started to get some serious traction in terms of traffic and inbound links.   However, I had been somewhat flippant in how I talked about other people, so when my cover was about to be blown, I took the site down. 

Anyway, in resurrecting the site, I’m remembering some of the somewhat bizarre “rules” for myself when I started the site in order to keep my anonymity…   The highlight was that I had decided I wouldn’t leave comments on anyone’s blog (I didn’t want to give up my IP or email), but rather, I would leave all my comments in a new blog post along the lines of what I just did with my comment on Jeff’s post

 Some of the things, like anonymity, I’m going to give up… but, unless it gets mundane, I’m going to continue to leave most of my comments on new blog posts… 

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  1. I’m impressed. Truly.

  2. That means a lot b/c I’ve always been very impressed with you, Jeff!

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