This Week’s Roundtable: Tech Tools to Serve Sellers Better?

[UPDATE: This edition of the 4realz Roundtable is now live and you can listen to it at the bottom of this post!]

As part of my hunt for new marketing tools for agents, I’d love to take on a relevant topic similar to how we took on tracking and analytics for agents last week.

With that in mind, I’m planning for Thursday’s discussion to focus on tech tools that help agents serve sellers better…. And here’s where you come in.   What types of technologies and/or tools should we cover?

Some thoughts that come to my mind include single property websites and listing syndication services… But I know there is more? What about tools that help agents get sellers to price properties more appropriately like Altos Research Reports?

I’d love to hear from you about the technology tools available to agents that can help them serve sellers better!   In particular agents, if there is some tricks or tips you’d be willing to share, I’d love to hear from you and potentially get you on the show!

Also of interest, I’ve started summarizing the relevant websites taken from our previous Roundtables on social networking, home valutions and analytics for agents within the Tool Shed!


What an awesome crew we had on the call today:

If you’re an agent looking to increase your knowledge on how to use simple technology tools to increase your business, here are just some of the tools that were mentioned in the podcast:

Some great stuff!   Thanks again to everyone who took part!  For everyone else, you can listen to this edition of the 4realz Roundtable here:


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  1. This doesn’t exist today, but I think sellers would find a lot of value in reports that could track page views on their home listings across ALL sites where their property appears, including MLS sites, single property sites, aggregator sites, etc.

  2. i have yet to meet an agent who says a single property site has helped them close a deal. Its a good listing tool to set yourself apart from other agents to get the listing but I not sure it helps the seller any.

  3. Ed: I hear you! I just had a conversation at lunch today about that very issue!

  4. Andrew: What are some of the tools you think are helping?

  5. Ed & Dustin: What type of actions would/could you take if you could know how often your property appeared across all sites?

  6. @g I’d be less worried about pageviews (i.e. how often they appear) and more interested in lead tracking…

  7. I am getting re-licensed in a few weeks and I have a ton of ideas in this area. One area that people often fail, is in maintaining an open and often used line of communication with their sellers. I’m thinking of using a either a live video service like to or a service like oovoo or seesmic to record video updates that you could send to your sellers via email. I like the idea of single property websites and I love them as subdomains on your own site. How about YouTube videos of walk throughs of the subject properties or virtual tours on the single property websites?
    I’m also not so sure that giving seller access to the page views of the site is all that useful. Page views without knowledge of click through and conversion rates is just data that doesn’t really mean much. Also, unless you have some massive time to market those property site URL’s the page views will be low but if marketed correctly the conversion from page views to appointments to view the home could be high.

  8. >One area that people often fail, is in maintaining an open and often used line of communication with their sellers.

    Chris – All good ideas, but sometimes I have to remind myself that the telephone works too. 🙂 We start to speak in these tech tongues which, while familiar to us, are foreign to our clients. Sometimes the simplest way is the most effective.
    Having said that, innovation is great but only if it adds value or streamlines a process.

    Ed – Yeah, man! I need that! We send what used to be weekly but are now bi-weekly updates to our selling clients. Parts of these updates are numbers of on-line eyes we are attracting, but with so many site, this is another example of a need for an aggregator aggregator.

    Thanks, Dustin, for a place at your table. I enjoyed it.

  9. Chris: So glad you’re finding some inspiration from the roundtable! I get great ideas out of each of these! 😉

  10. Kris: I loved having you at the table! For reasons that seem obvious to me, you are always welcome with a seat at the roundtable! 😉

  11. Dustin,

    Your Roundtable yesterday was awesome!!! I don’t know of any agents in my Trade area that are embracing these technologies so it was refreshing to here how others are using it.

    Great input from everyone!

    Ted mackel
    Keller Williams
    Simi Valley, CA

  12. Ted: I’ve seen what you’re doing with video, so I have no doubt that you’re way ahead of the game… 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

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  14. if you sign up for a account (free) and give yourself an avatar, then it will show up when you leave comments (assuming you’re logged in when you comment!).

  15. Another great roundtable Dustion or is it Mike? 🙂

    Thanks for having me.

    You can also go to and get a free avatar. WP owns them, or they feed each other, or sumpthin. But it works.

  16. Dustin –

    Thanks for having me. That was a great discussion and I learned quite a few things I’d love to make the time to integrate into my business.

    I’m looking forward to the next one.

  17. paulo muller Avatar
    paulo muller

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  18. […] hopes DocuSign is not listening because they’d pay much more for the service!). The overview is here. The section of the audio clip I like best starts at about the 12:30 mark in the full audio track. […]

  19. I’m just missing on this list. I just like it more than efax, because there is no subscribtion and no mothly fees. Thanks for the great list!

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