“Blogging is a waste of time!”

or “Blogging is the answer!”?

Help us figure it out by adding your experience! Fill out the simple CREST survey from VAR!

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Dustin. The survey is intentionally very short, so it should only take 5 minutes to complete. I’m looking forward to testing the conventional wisdom about real estate blogging. Hope your readers are as curious about this stuff as we are!

  2. It depends on the question 🙂

    It might be worth blogging simply to amass an archive of commonly asked Q&As and scenarios that you can share with anyone who wants to know. (I learned that from Ardell)

    It may be worth blogging simply to improve your writing and communication skills– necessary for many businesses.

    It may be worth blogging for self-expression.

    It may be worth blogging…..fill in the blank

    Success is not necessarily a call for a gig.

    But yes, you can get gigs from it.

    …lemme have a look at the survey.

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