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  • BuzzRE: Internet Marketing Education for Realtors

    About two months ago, the HomeQuest team put on a real estate educational event in Portland that I thought rock’d…  With four great speakers (Gahlord Dewald, Garron Selliken, David Gibbons and myself) and some help from some local title reps, we brought together a few hundred agents to teach them about how they could improve their […]

  • You’re probably paying too much for Google Ads!

    Realtors: Have you ever had a call from a random sales guy that goes something like this? Sales guy: “Hello, you already know how important it is to be at the top of google search results for “[your city] real estate”. Unlike some services that are auction based, I can get you there with for […]

  • Add a Find-a-Member Tab to Your Facebook Page

    Recently Gary Krysler asked if I could help add a “find a member” tab to the WCR Facebook Page. It was quite easy to do, and after seeing requests within the comment stream (as well as tweets) for something similar, I thought I’d give step-by-step instructions on how to do it for your organization. It’s […]

  • I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gon…

    I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gone on a boring rant, so it’s always interesting to see what gets his blood boiling. And when the topic at hand touches on the current meme of real estate agent professionalism, all the better! Today it is that some North Carolina REALTORS who are protesting a new […]

  • Impact of Social Media in the Luxury Market

    Earlier today I got my hands on a survey that the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM) did of their members around how they are using social networks. One of the reasons I really like this survey is that the number of emails and calls I get from luxury agents and brokerages has ramped up […]

  • NAR is upon us once again!

    As I write this on a Wednesday night, I can’t help think what a long week it’s been!   And yet, the week (and the fun) is just beginning. Tomorrow morning I leave for NAR…. and it’s not until I hit Orlando that things really heat up. First major stop: Friday @ 12:30 I’m moderating a […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: Effect of FDIC/Treasury Actions on Home Buyers and Real Estate Industry

    [NOTE: we had a wonderful show and you can listen to the entire episode at the bottom of this post!] This week were going to cover the obviously hot topic of the effect of the actions taken by the government in bailing out and/or helping secure IndyMac, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae will affect the […]

  • This Week’s Roundtable: Tech Tools to Serve Sellers Better?

    [UPDATE: This edition of the 4realz Roundtable is now live and you can listen to it at the bottom of this post!] As part of my hunt for new marketing tools for agents, I’d love to take on a relevant topic similar to how we took on tracking and analytics for agents last week. With […]

  • “Blogging is a waste of time!”

    or “Blogging is the answer!”? Help us figure it out by adding your experience! Fill out the simple CREST survey from VAR!

  • Realtors are being asked to reach deep to help…

    …Charles Richey as he deals with his recently diagnozed Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  Max Chirkov is organizing a fundraising and looking for your help!