4realz Roundtable: Effect of FDIC/Treasury Actions on Home Buyers and Real Estate Industry

[NOTE: we had a wonderful show and you can listen to the entire episode at the bottom of this post!]

This week were going to cover the obviously hot topic of the effect of the actions taken by the government in bailing out and/or helping secure IndyMac, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae will affect the real estate industry.

This week’s guest is Lawrence Yun and as the chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS, Lawrence is sure to bring an incredibly interesting perspective.  He’s constantly traveling around the country talking with people about their local markets… and whenever he’s stopped by real estate technology circles, like trips to Portland and Virginia, he’s impressed the locals tremendously.

As always, you can get information on how to (1) listen to the call live, (2) take part in the live chat and potentially take part in the conversation by following the (relatively simple) information on the 4realz Roundtable TalkShoe page.  My guess is that this will be one of the more popular shows yet, so I’ll likely only be taking live callers based on folks who ask interesting questions in the chat room!

Also, in order to better accommodate Lawrence’s schedule, I’m moving the call to one hour later than usual.   The show will be on Thursday, July 17, at 5pm PST (8PM EST).     I definitely hope you can join us for a conversation on this timely topic!


What an great show.   Thanks so much to everyone who took part!

Jonathan Miller, Jillayne Schlicke and Rhonda Porter really helped provide an excellent base for a roundtable discussion with Lawrence.   In our one hour conversation we covered so much ground… and I only wish I had the bandwidth to transcribe the whole thing (or even take better notes during the conversation!).

Nonetheless, we covered looked at how the real estate market would be affected by issues such as banks bailouts, freddie/fannie mac troubles, isues with jumbo loans, REOs, consumer confidence, government actions, sustainable housing, inflation, and much more!   If you’re interested in getting an in-depth look at the real estate market and where things are headed, then you can listen to the entire show right here:



There are great conversations going on about this topic on both Rain City Guide and ActiveRain. Also thanks to Jim Duncan, Ardell DellaLoggia, Jonathan Miller, Rhonda Porter and Tom Royce for helping to spread the word!

4Realz DeepDive: Is RE BarCamp worth attending?

[Note:   The DeepDive conversation is now posted at the bottom of this article!]

Join me next week on Wednesday (7/9) at 1pm PST when I get a chance to interview the organizers of RE BarCamp on why they are putting this event together and what they hope to accomplish!

RE Bar Camp
RE BarCamp

So, who am I going to grill?   Andy Kaufman, Brad Coy, Todd Carpenter and Jay Thompson have all confirmed that they’ll be on the call.  It’s a great group of people, so I’m positive it will not only be fun, but we’re likely to cover a lot of ground including:

  • What is BarCamp?   And what is going to happen there that won’t happen at RE Connect?
  • What type of person do you think will get the most value out of RE BarCamp?
  • If someone wants to help you guys organize, how should they get involved?

But I also want to include your questions, so feel free to log into the chat or call into the show just like the typical 4realz Roundtable…

However, what’s up with the name: 4realz DeepDive?

Ever since I started doing the 4realz Roundtables, I’ve wanted to have a channel to talk more specifically about individual products (and especially product launches) with company executives, or in this case, talk about events with event organizers.

On a DeepDive conversation, I’m going to limit the number of guests who are “on air” the entire show to just me and the official guests.  However, using a format more standard in the radio industry, I’m plan to unmute listeners if they have specific questions they want to ask people on the show!   No doubt that this format is just an experiment and you, the listeners, will be the judge if it works or not!  😉

By the way, I’ve been doing something similar, where I interview just one person per show, on Rain City Radio for the past few weeks, and I can see how that format could really compliment the 4realz Roundtable discussions!

Also worth noting…

At the request of more than a few people from the East Coast, I’m going to try a new time slot for next week’s 4realz Roundtable… (That’s right, there’s going to be 2 shows next week: a Roundtable and a DeepDive!) Next week’s roundtable discussion will be on the usual day (Thursday), but at a new time (1pm PST).

And next week should be great as we’re going to cover how the Cuomo/Fannie Mae/OCC appraisal rule changes are going to change the mortgage brokerage industry.   This is a topic that was suggested to me by two people after the very first roundtable on the DOJ/NAR settlement conversation, so I’m glad that we get to make this happen!   I’ve already confirmed Jonathan Miller of the Matrix as a guest on the show, so i know it is sure to be both interesting and informative.


You can listen to this great conversation here:


Some of the details:

  • Official Website: http://rebarcamp.com/
  • Time: July 22nd (Tuesday before RE Connect), 9am registration. Event from 10am to 6pm.

You can help by volunteering to:

  • Help set-up the room the night before (see RE BarCamp for details!)
  • Help create an information factsheet for the event (ask Andy Kaufman for details!)

And if you’re planning to show up, it’s free, but they’re asking that you fill out the official RSVP which was only set up a few days ago!

This Week’s Roundtable: Tech Tools to Serve Sellers Better?

[UPDATE: This edition of the 4realz Roundtable is now live and you can listen to it at the bottom of this post!]

As part of my hunt for new marketing tools for agents, I’d love to take on a relevant topic similar to how we took on tracking and analytics for agents last week.

With that in mind, I’m planning for Thursday’s discussion to focus on tech tools that help agents serve sellers better…. And here’s where you come in.   What types of technologies and/or tools should we cover?

Some thoughts that come to my mind include single property websites and listing syndication services… But I know there is more? What about tools that help agents get sellers to price properties more appropriately like Altos Research Reports?

I’d love to hear from you about the technology tools available to agents that can help them serve sellers better!   In particular agents, if there is some tricks or tips you’d be willing to share, I’d love to hear from you and potentially get you on the show!

Also of interest, I’ve started summarizing the relevant websites taken from our previous Roundtables on social networking, home valutions and analytics for agents within the Tool Shed!


What an awesome crew we had on the call today:

If you’re an agent looking to increase your knowledge on how to use simple technology tools to increase your business, here are just some of the tools that were mentioned in the podcast:

Some great stuff!   Thanks again to everyone who took part!  For everyone else, you can listen to this edition of the 4realz Roundtable here:


4realz Roundtable: The Value of Home Values

I’ve got something special planned for this week’s 4realz Roundtable. In honor of Realtor.com’s release of the home valuation tool, we’re going to cover the value of online home values!

Join us on Thursday at 4pm (PST) to take part in the conversation!

Of course, the discussion is what makes the 4realz Roundtable work, and so far, I’ve confirmed three great guests for the conversation:

And, of course, YOU are always invited to join the conversation. For the past two week’s we’ve had an active chat conversation going on during the call, which has been just as interesting and entertaining as what gets recorded! 😉

(By the way, I reached out to the realtor.com team, but received no bites in terms of people who were willing to sit at the 4realz Roundtable…)

Here’s a general outline of things I hope to cover:

  • Discussion on the background on online AVMs
  • How have perceptions of online AVMs changed over the past two+ years… Both within the industry and among consumers
  • What are some of the interesting legal issues surrounding AVMs in terms of privacy issue
  • Is there a reason to think that AVMs will get better in the future?

If you have other topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the comments and/or join us on the call and ask the question yourself! I’m going to do my best this time to make sure we reach out to some more of the people who call in to make sure we hear from you during the call!


I’ve confirmed a few more guests for today’s show:


What a great conversation!  Things definitely got a bit rough with David G on the hot seat for a bit, but overall, I had some great insights from the conversations and hopefully you will to!   If you haven’t listened to the conversation on the value of online home values, then listen here: