6 to 1 in favor of Saul’s marketing advice based…

…on the comments of this YouTube video.

Take-home points from Saul’s real estate marketing 101:

  1. Marketing needs to be repetitive
  2. Marketing is anticipated
  3. Marketing is relevant
  4. Marketing is personal

I have my own thoughts on this, but I already gave Saul enough trouble recently, so instead I’ll just quote others…

Hindfox1 sums up the positives:

“Thank you Saul. You give me hope that my professional marketing & advertising skills will make a difference in my real estate business. I could sure use a good year in ’08.”

Packfill offers the negatives:

“This is GREAT marketing advice….for the 1970s… Terrible for today. How could he espouse this info, and then suggest Seth Godin? Seth Godin is actually pertinent and timely.”

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