Is it important to be proud of your real estate website?

One of the things that has stuck out for me in talking with agents and brokers all over the country is just how embarrassed many are by their website.   When an agent hands me their business card, it’s so much more common for them to start making an excuse about their website (“oh… but don’t go to my website, I’m fixing it up right now”), than to show any pride in their site (i.e. “check out integration I added with Facebook”)… and it got me thinking…

How important is it to be proud of your real estate website?

So I asked the question in a Facebook Poll and I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. It is critical, an essential part (if not the most critical one) of the overall marketing plan. A website is a representation of who you are and what you have to offer.

  2. I dumped my Advance Access web site in January in favor of a Word Press blog site.

    The web presence is important because it shows your ability. Searches, or sticky sites, are moving further down the list of things people are looking for. People want to know you can get them exposure to the market place.

    In my opinion your web presence, or dominance of the web is what gets people’s attention. A good example is of the people who create a web site for every listing. Google says it doesn’t add to your web presence but it is effective for getting seller’s attention.

  3. Scott Aviles Torres Avatar
    Scott Aviles Torres

    Yes, we need to be proud about business, we don’t want to lose money or bankruptcy, is a critical step.

  4. David: I totally like your point about getting people’s attention… In order to stick out, we can either use great content or great design, but things obviously work best when we use both!

  5. I think all of your marketing needs to be something you are willing to pull up and share. I mean as a real estate agent I am selling my marketing prowess, right? If I can’t put together a decent site, then what does it say about my ability to put together a marketing piece for a seller.

    So, yes…it is essential you feel proud of your website/blog/online presence.

  6. Sovan Chhay Avatar
    Sovan Chhay

    I just had too many business cards which i never read when agents handed to me but i kept it on the cardholders and bunches of them at my table. Yeah, good to be proud of doing business

  7. It is definitely important to be proud of your website with any business. Today websites are almost like business cards, most people Google you before doing business with you and when they Google you what do they get?… your website.

  8. The problem with most web sites, especially for real estate sites with lots of listings all the time, is it needs to be easy to use.

    If a web site is not user friendly, whether for the business owner or the potential customer, I dont care how it looks, its over.

    You spend too much time day in and day out – and money.

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