WordPress at Real Estate Connect SF?

Are you breaking the rules with WordPress in real estate? I wanna know!

wordpress sticker on laptopThe good folks at Inman News have asked me to moderate the WordPress Summit at Real Estate Connect this summer and I couldn’t be more excited!

While we haven’t tried to confirm any speakers yet (that’s where I want your help), I’m positive the lineup is going to be awesome. We’re going to be covering themes, plugins, strategy, advanced installs, listings, and the future of WordPress!

The idea of a half-day at Real Estate Connect dedicated to WordPress is simply awesome.   I love WordPress and have been using it since the very birth of Rain City Guide (over 5 years ago!).  Over the years I’ve been a part of too many WordPress blogs than I could count… And unlike a lot of software I was using in 2005, WordPress has continued to improve with each iteration!    Especially now that website vendors are building in advanced IDX and CRM tools into the platform, it’s become a no-brainer option for real estate professionals!

By the way, did you know the new conference website for Real Estate Connect was built on WordPress?

I think it’s a pretty slick design and implementation, although I’m probably a bit biased since we designed and built the site!  🙂

Coming full circle… If you know someone in the real estate space doing interesting things with WordPress, send ’em my way!   I want to make this the best half-day on WordPress educational event around!

And finally, a huge hat-tip to Dan Woolley for the idea behind this post when he wrote about his ConnectTech Workshop!

8 responses to “WordPress at Real Estate Connect SF?”

    • Great ideas… I can’t help but filter things through the Agent Biz Flow… and while some plugins you mentioned stray from the typical biz flow (database backups for example), they can be super helpful to know about so agents can spend more time using WordPress to build their business.

  1. WordPress is such a great platform and it’s my choice when it comes to a blog, although I haven’t tried it for a static site. The amount of useful plug-ins just make it ideal and I look forward to ‘playing’ with it to hopefully provide a better experience for visitors. Thanks for the post, Dustin.

    • Agreed completely. I’ve used it for blogs, static sites, photo album sites, and much more. Hard to imagine developing on any other platform at this point! 😉

    • WP is great for static sites. Especially the later versions where you can set a specific page as the frontpage, right out of the box.

      And I totally agree with Dustin, after getting used to WP, you fall in love and then it’s hard to imagine developing on any other platform.

  2. Dustin – I think you should add me to your half day WordPress extravaganza. I’ve got a great foundation already that I did at REWordCamp in Denver illustrating 32 real estate wordpress sites (I think you may be familiar with my presentation 🙂 http://www.agentapplause.com/real-estate-websites-built-on-wordpress-32-examples-of-realtor-blogs/. I’m constantly updating it to give those (both technical and non-technical) great ideas about what end result is possible with WordPress. I think this would be a huge value to the RE Connect attendees.

  3. Great topic!!
    I’d like to see a discussion on the hidden plugins as well. Hard to imagine developing on any other platform at this point! As a blogger in real estate particularly on hard money lenders and lending, it’s really a good note that you provide information on how to utilize this platform.

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