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  • Connecting at #REplus22

    Connecting at #REplus22

    Starting two weeks ago, I decided to brush the cobwebs out of my blogging fingers by making sure to post something fresh every day… Because I’m fascinated by the growth (and potential) of green hydrogen, I’ve been focusing my energy by doing a deep dive on that industry. Interestingly, the green energy community is quite […]

  • Resumes? Meaningfulness? and Hydrogen?

    Resumes? Meaningfulness? and Hydrogen?

    As of last week, I officially left my job as CMO at a large personal injury law firm. The obvious question I get from the friends and family when I tell them this is: “What’s next”… And truthfully, I don’t know. For people that know me, they probably won’t be surprised to hear that I […]

  • Finding my voice… again

    Finding my voice… again

    It probably goes without saying that having a boss is one of the worst things you can do for our budding social media career. Back in the day when I first started running Rain City Guide (in March 2005!), it was incredibly helpful to be an outsider without any ties to the industry as I […]

  • Set up your iphone/ipad to send email from a google apps domain alias

    I spent some time this morning trying to set up my iphone/ipad so that I could send emails from a new domain.  I want to switch all my personal emails to go from to… and have already set everything to work “right” on the backend of my Google Aps account. However, is […]

  • Trick to Successfully Live-Streaming an Event?

    Hire professionals! No kidding.  For a while, my previous startup ran a few live-streamed events and can tell you it’s hard stuff to get right. A few months ago, my team was asked to capture HD video and live-stream the entire day for an “Access to Capital” event in Downtown LA.  Theoretically, my team could have tried to […]

  • To advertise or not to advertise?

    Is that really the question? This great pandodaily article by Kirk Cheyfitz about the best ads of 2012 that aren’t really ads, reminded me just how impressed I’ve always been with Red Bull’s marketing machine. One of the defining “TV moments” for me this past year is when I watched the “Red Bull” guy (I should […]

  • The Benefits of Relentless Networking

    The Benefits of Relentless Networking

    Last year, I was asked to give a presentation to CLU students and decided to focus on the idea that they should be relentless in their networking! Often, when preparing for a talk, I “learn” something new or have an insight that sticks with me. For this talk, it was definitely that people looking to […]

  • Implementing Google Authorship

    I really want to get a better handle on google’s concept of authorship… As I find it’s always best to learn by trying to implement things, I spent some time this afternoon trying to configure myself as an “official” author within google search results. The idea is that my profile photo should show up next […]

  • Want your website to convert better in 2013?

    Pretty sure just about anyone looking to improve their website performance could learn something from Gahlord’s webinar on configuring goals on Google Analytics…

  • Have trouble understanding Facebook’s privacy settings?

    Have trouble understanding Facebook’s privacy settings?

    Apparently, even the former marketing director at Facebook (and sister of Mark Zuckerberg) gets blindsided by Facebook’s privacy settings from time to time. Update: My favorite take on this story yet: Yes, Randi Zuckerberg, Please Lecture Us About `Human Decency’ and if you’re curious about the details of Facebook privacy settings, Marketingland has a nice write up […]