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  • The 1st 4RealzEd event was yesterday and…

    I think I’ve recovered enough now to actually post about it! 🙂 Despite our best efforts to be prepared, the day started off a bit rough with a nearby mudslide taking out power in our building in the morning (meaning no hot coffee and no projector) and a 9-car pileup on a nearby freeway slowed […]

  • All over the place

    Not only am I speaking tomorrow at a Coldwell Banker educational event, but I just got back from a fun speaking engagement at Pepperdine University where I was on a panel with some people from ActiVision and MySpace talking about online marketing to a group of marketing and technology graduate students. There were some great […]

  • 45 Things I Learned at RE Connect

    (some names left anonymous to protect the innocent) There’s a hell of a lot of VC money floating around this industry. I was surprised at how many people there were with lots of VC funding. Joel seemed to notice the same thing: “a whole new crop of real estate search sites that are going to […]

  • I think Michael runs one of the best…

    …”company blogs” over at FBS Blog. And his latest post on blogging as marketing shows that he knows how to strike the right balance of staying on topic without sounding like he’s giving a sales pitch.  Without his blog, I wouldn’t know the first thing about FlexMLS.  But based on Michael’s blogging, I’d consider FlexMLS […]

  • Marc, you’re loyal because it is a drug! 😉

    If only we should all be so lucky to sell a product that was physically addicting!

  • The Magic Blogging Bullet

    Got an interesting question in my email this morning: “Hey Dustin, “I’m sure people reach out to you everyday about blogging and “how to” develop something as unique as Rain City Guide. I did want to pick your brain a little bit in this regard… As bloggers, new an established, we write in a marketplace […]

  • In all the press around Frontdoor.com…

    …I found it interesting that many news stories compared Frontdoor.com to Zillow, and not one compared them to Realtor.com.  Has Zillow really captured that much of the mindshare of journalists?

  • “Your Brand is a widely held set of beliefs and expectations about what you deliver and how you deliver it.”

    I was talking with Jeff about this concept yesterday at lunch and I couldn’t agree more with Bill Leider in this Bloodhound post: What is a brand?

  • Creating user-generated content via…

    …a social networking application is like remodeling the kitchen in a house you rent.

  • Some great observations from Steve

    on building up your personal brand by emulating Jay Leno… I’d add that there is a necessary step of believing you are remarkable. At some point, Jay just took a leap of faith to believe he was the Jay Leno we know of today. Around my house, it is known as the Elvis Effect.