The Magic Blogging Bullet

Got an interesting question in my email this morning:

“Hey Dustin,

“I’m sure people reach out to you everyday about blogging and “how to” develop something as unique as Rain City Guide. I did want to pick your brain a little bit in this regard… As bloggers, new an established, we write in a marketplace that is saturated with content everywhere. Some hit the arena and break from the mold in a moments notice. Others sort of plateau and find difficulty breaking out above the mold.

“I was hoping you might share some insights with respect to strategies that I might incorporate to share my story (my blog) with others. What you and Todd Carpenter have done between your Q & A segments on Lenderama & is unique…

“Thank you in advance for your thoughts!”

(I’m removed his name)

There really are no magic bullets in terms of driving interest (and/or traffic) to your blog.   You’ve hit upon the problem that if a unique angle works well for one person/team, it probably won’t work as well for someone else. Good online marketing is an extension of who you are (your brand) and requires you to be true to your ideas and actions.

I played around on your blog a bit and the fact that you’re watching what others are doing puts you ahead of the pack already. Besides reading other bloggers, however, make sure you are linking to others and that you are commenting on their ideas. Good blogging doesn’t have to be confrontational, but it also can’t thrive in a vacuum.

I realize all of this probably sounds too generic to be useful… but in many ways, finding your voice is the challenge.   Once you know your voice, getting others to believe in your voice is the easy part.

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  1. toddwcarpenter Avatar

    I save good blogging posts as I find them.

  2. Todd: That’s an awesome resource!

  3. This quote seems appropriate:
    “The first step to being a real leader is to figure out exactly who you are, and be that all the time.” — Cathie Black

    A brand is more than just a logo, it’s a logo and an association that tells a story of who you are.

    You made a very valid point…find your voice…be true to it and the rest will follow.

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