Marc, you’re loyal because it is a drug! 😉

If only we should all be so lucky to sell a product that was physically addicting!

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  1. johnvatistas Avatar

    Food for thought but … in my freezer I have grinds from all over…Peets and Cole Coffee (maybe the best coffee I’ve ever tasted located in Oakland).

    I really think the drug Starbuck’s loyalists are addicted to is the experience. In NYC and here in CA where I spend most of my time, there are far too many other choices yet few have the lines like they do.

  2. John: There’s no doubt that Starbucks has created an incredible experience and Marc made some great points in his post about the importance of passion in sales… However, Starbucks has thrived because it does one thing really well: They make a damn strong (and addicting!) cup of coffee. 🙂

    (Peet’s does that really well too!).

  3. johnvatistas Avatar

    I think you’ve made the point stronger Dustin. Starbucks did something that made a difference and stood out. All coffee is by nature is addictive. Its what Starbucks did with their product that few others have.

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