Facebook: Please help give Mike Price so…

Facebook: Please help give Mike Price some more meaning in his life!

He tweets: “If I didn’t “fan” your FB page the first time, please don’t ask again. Facebook – I want the word “ignore” to have some meaning in my life.

and I totally agree. Once someone ignores a FB fan page suggestion, no one should be able to suggest the page to them again (and again and again). Of course, you can always unfriend the person sending the suggestions (but sometimes that’s a bit harsh), so often the best solution is to simply not respond to FB fan page suggestions at which point they seem to accumulate…

However, as great as Mike’s suggestion is, I want to raise him a few social networks. I wish the ignore button had meaning on ALL social networks. Foursquare immediately comes to mind since there are more than a few people who seem hell bent on accumulating as many “friends” as possible and send friend-request after friend-request, never really getting the hint.

Are there other social networks that seem to miss the boat on the “ignore” button?

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  1. Maybe I should stop saying yes to so many requests. I’ve never had that happen before.

    Speaking of Foursquare, it’s starting to get on my nerves on Twitter. So many useless info posts to Twitter thanks to it.

    Also, I like this P2 – I’ve been toying with it at one non-profit website I run: walksacramento.org – thanks for the suggestion. Might integrate on my site soon.

    1. Really? At least a few times a week I’ll get a suggestion from a page that I know is only going to annoy me (I try to accept most fan page requests, but too many are just feeds of blogs posts and whatnot), so I ignore it.

      In terms of foursquare, I’ve been enjoying the service and try to keep my twitter-checkins to times when I wouldn’t mind someone stopping by and saying hi! 😉

      If you do go the P2 route, let me know. After 2 days, I’m liking it. It’s definitely not a theme I’d recommend for most sites, but for what I’m trying to do with 4realz, it seems to be doing the trick! 😉

      1. I’m trying out P2 on my site. However, the Facebook Connect plugin you recommended was killing my site. Had to log into FTP and delete the files. Fixed the prob. I’ll have to scope out another cuz I really love the ability to connect with FB.

        1. Yeah… I’m using the sociable plugin, but not completely happy with it. Really wish there was a simply twitter/fb connect plugin.

        2. Might have been my Facebook settings. The developer page was a little wanky for me. I think my netbook needed to be restarted. Seems to be working better now.

          1. cool… It “works” for me, but feeling like it’s a bit too buggy. Definitely not something I’d launch for a client yet, although I’m happy to push things a bit on my own site.

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