Was doing some searching to see how Lins…

Was doing some searching to see how Linsey might be able to turn on Google Apps Labs on her account, when I came across Google’s URL shortener service specific to hosted domains. It was super easy to install and lets me send links out using any subdomain of 4realz. I choose the subdomain “z” (i.e. http://z.4realz.net) for no particular reason.

The idea being I can create my own URL shortener for any site on my domain. Here’s the link to the app using my service: http://z.4realz.net/oyhwh. It’s pretty darn simple, track clicks and appears to have an API architecture. So far, so good…

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  1. As far as I know I have no need for my own URL shortener, but it was just so darn easy… I’m now the proud owner of “u.pdat.es” (pretty slick name, huh?). So, now I can use URLs like this: http://u.pdat.es/wemgt to point to any url on the web!

  2. […] them popping up on my Twitter page, and anywhere else that long URLs are a pain. Hat tip to Dustin Luther for finally motivating me to get this done. Tweet This! Share this on Facebook Share this on […]

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