Google releasing a new browser tomorrow

I can’t imagine they’d release Chrome unless they felt they really had something new to offer.  Just a thought, but it would be really cool if it replaced the base version of Google Earth so that we really could have a much more geo-spatial web.

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  1. Seems like Google needs the default setting to be Google. On IE they have to rely on people setting the default page or installing the tool bar.
    A smart move by google. This is something they should have done long ago instead of some of the projects on this page

  2. Despite its Webkit roots, Chrome has a UI that wasn’t beaten with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines ugly stick like Safari for Windows was. If Google gives it a half decent debugger, get a good add-on ecosystem going, and fix more Webkit bugs than Apple has, it could gain some measurable market share.

    I think it’ll easily beat Safari & Opera on Windows as the #3 web browser on Windows within 12 months. However, topping IE or Firefox is going to be a long tough slog. Webkit based browsers (both Chrome & Safari) are currently too rough around the edges compared to Firefox or IE to be a real threat in the next year.

    If they throw enough engineers at it, it could be major player in a short time. Google has the brand and the engineering talent to compete with the leaders. Should be fun to watch!

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