I missed this news a few days ago that Terabitz…

continues to move towards a more backend technology play as oppose to a front-end consumer destination site.  I think that’s a smart move by them.

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3 thoughts on “I missed this news a few days ago that Terabitz…”

  1. I hadn’t heard all this new info about Terabitz. It sounds great, if I had an iphone. It will be awesome for those that do have them. I have been using a site called property maps that matches up the MLS with Google Maps and I found more properties and foreclosures with property maps. Their site is http://www.propertymaps.com. It may be something you want to look at.

  2. PropertyMaps team: Stop trying to fool us by pretending that consumers are providing links back to your site in comments. Next one on either 4realz or RCG goes in the spam box.

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