“In fact some lawyers would rather see their name…

…at the top of search results or on the back of a phone book than have a reputation as a trusted and reliable authority in a niche area of the law.”

Notorious Rob has some interesting insight around how to use social media

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  2. I got an email last week from some lawyers from Tacoma, Oldfield & Helsdon,
    PLLC, http://www.tacomalawfirm.com, advertising their services to assist distressed homeowners.

    Their plug was to the agents themselves:

    “Agents: Distressed by the Distressed Home Act?
    How do you spell relief? . . .O&H . . .Oldfield & Helsdon, PLLC

    If your sellers retain a lawyer to advise them about a short sale, you protect yourself from exposure under the Distressed Home Act.
    The lawyers of Oldfield & Helsdon, PLLC have over 50 years of experience in helping homeowners with foreclosures and short sales.

    Our lawyers provide an affordable consultation so your seller can make the right decision about a potential short sale.

    Overview of foreclosure process
    Overview of short sale process
    Potential for ongoing seller liability for unpaid balances
    Possibility for discharge of unpaid balances
    Federal income tax consequences of debt forgiveness
    Effect on credit score and credit rating of short sale, foreclosure, judgment and bankruptcy
    There is a low flat fee for consultation for advising clients of their legal rights and options of $150.00. Telephone consultations are available.

    For negotiating a short sale, there is a flat fee paid only upon success. The fee is no more than $2,000.00 for properties whose sale price is up to $500,000.00.”

  3. LOL, Dustin — you got comment spammed bro. 🙂

    Install Akismet ASAP or something else. It’s pure irony that the post you’re linking to is about comment spamming, and voila! There you are.

    Thanks for the link, btw. Talk to you soon.


  4. Rob: I can’t say I’m a bit surprised. I think the very nature of my short posts make some thing it’s an automated thing if they don’t know me already. 🙁

  5. oh wait… I just realized that you were probably talking about your site. Still the same issue if Akismet is throwing my stuff in the spam box.

  6. Oh, I know the pain of comment spam. But no, I was referring to THIS post. The irony that the first two comments are by spammers is just delicious.

    Your links back to my site are never spammed; I’ve already cleared those through Akismet. I know your trackbacks are not. 🙂


  7. Personally, I’d never go so far as to call any comment of Marlow’s spam. She’s one of my favorite bloggers and reminds me of Hanan Levin in that she can find a way to make even the most odd-ball topics relevant. 😉

    But I totally hear you on the first comment. 😉

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