I was somewhat suprised to hear just how bullish…

…some of the ColdwellBanker/NRT executives are on Frontdoor.com when the topic came up at a recent CB event.  But considering the vast, relevant, promotion HGTV could start throwing at the site mixed with the fact that they continue to add listings at a good clip, my initial skepticism has been infected with a bit of his optimism.

However, well-coordinated cross-promotion is going to be key and I don’t see any of it yet on the HGTV website besides a simple “sister site” link in the footer.

HGTV Footer

(and yes, NRT is sending all their listings to FrontDoor.) 

NRT announcement on the way?

Always happy to spread some more rumors, someone (who I’ll leave anonymous) justed emailed me this tip:

“…the reason I am sending this is that I was just speaking with my manager here at [XYZ] who told me that ‘You will be happy to hear that NRT is going to have and announcement in the next few days about a partnership with Trulia, Zillow and Frontdoor.'”

Just for clarity, NRT, LLC runs the residential real estate companies Coldwell Banker, ERA, Sotheby’s International Realty, and The Corcoran Group. While their parent company, Realogy, adds the Century 21 brand to the mix.

In terms of NRT’s existing listing syndication, here is what I’ve been able to piece together:

I point this out because it leads me to wonder if there is something more than the standard listing syndication agreements… The only listing announcement related to the three companies in the “tip” I see coming out of NRT is that they are sending their listings to Zillow since they are already (presumably) sending listings to Trulia and Frontdoor. Am I missing something?

RE.net Acronyms

Jim got me thinking about some of the acronyms that I use on 4realz and other common terms I’ve seen others use:

  • AG: AgentGenius.com
  • AR: ActiveRain
  • BR: BlueRoof
  • BHB: Bloodhound Blog
  • CB: Coldwell Banker
  • CH: Cyberhomes
  • CL: Craigslist
  • CMS: Content Management System
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • FBS: FBS Blog
  • FOREM: Future of Real Estate Marketing
  • FORET: Future of Real Estate Technology
  • FD: FrontDoor
  • G: Google
  • GDH: Garage with a Detached Home
  • HV: HouseValues
  • HG: HomeGain
  • IC: InternetCrusade
  • KW: Keller Williams
  • M: Microsoft
  • MBL: MyBlogLog
  • MLB: MLBroadcast
  • MLS: Multiple-Listing Service (this means different things to different people!)
  • MLW: MyLevenworth
  • NAR: National Association of Realtors
  • P2A or P2: Point2Agent
  • RCG: Rain City Guide
  • RCV: RealCentralVA
  • RDC, R or R.com: Realtor.com
  • RE.net: The real estate blogosphere
  • REB: The Real Estate Bloggers
  • RES: Real Estate Shows
  • RET: Real Estate Tomato
  • REW: Real Estate Webmasters
  • REZ: Real Estate Zebra
  • RF: Redfin
  • RT: RealTown
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing
  • TP: Top Producer
  • TPG: The Phoenix Real Estate Guy
  • T: Trulia
  • WM: WellcomeMat
  • WP: WordPress.org
  • WP.com: WordPress.com
  • Y!: Yahoo!
  • Z: Zillow

UPDATE: Based on suggestions in the comments I added a few more names to the above list and decided to alphabetize them. (I also went back and added links to the various sites, which I should have done from the start!)

FrontDoor.com flips the logic…

…Instead of a real estate listing site seeking out content, a real estate “content” company (FrontDoor.com is the child of Scripps Networks which “owns the News Sentinel, operates HGTV, the Food Network, DIY-Do It Yourself Network, Fine Living and Great American Country and their Internet counterparts”) is looking to add listings to their portfolio:

“Scripps Networks is partnering with Realogy Corp., parent company of Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Era and Sotheby’s International Realty as well as Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a global network of real estate firms, to provide the property listings.”

It begs an interesting question: Are DIY videos a great way to get people to view your listings (and associated ads) or are listings a great way to get people to view your DIY videos (and associated ads)?

I’m a skeptic at this point, but FrontDoor.com, along with some help from Realogy, is going to help us find out if they can get traction around the concept.