Rumor has it that Windermere is going…

…to start sending all their listings to Trulia at some point in March.

Considering the rough relationship between and Windermere, that would be a huge win for Trulia and would probably give them the most comprehensive listing coverage in the Seattle area of all the national real estate search sites (and in Zillow’s backyard!).

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  1. I actually heard this second hand from one of the owners….

  2. Debra Sinick Avatar
    Debra Sinick

    Hi Dustin,

    Yes, it’s true. Windermere and Trulia as of March 1st. I heard about this in January from our owners, but we were sworn to secrecy until a formal announcement was made.

    I think it’s a smart move for Windermere. If buyers want to search for listings on a traditional real estate website, they can go to Windermere. If buyers are looking for an independent website to search for listings, then Trulia is it.

  3. They are live this morning. All existing Windermere listings that were listed by Feb 29 are now featured listings on Trulia. Every Windermere agent was also given a Trulia account with their picture already uploaded for them.

    Ironically, the spam filter that Windermere’s email client uses put this morning’s announcement in the spam bin. I bet a huge number of agents won’t see the announcement.

  4. Hi Dustin. You super sleuth you…..

    Details are up on our blog…


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  6. Ya – there you go! I also noticed a lot of extre newbie type questions and answers on Trulia in the last few days….

  7. Hey, Rudy, glad to have you as part of the Windermere/Trulia team!

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