Couldn’t be happier that Mike and the…

Altos Research team are the first sponsors we get to announce for the 4Realz Seminars.

The main requirement that we have for our sponsors is that they’re able to demonstrate that they provide a product that offers a real value to their clients.    Based on the positive feedback I’ve heard over the past few years from Altos Research clients, I’m positive they fit the bill!

Why are sponsors important?

They help drive down the cost for agents to attend tremendously!  To be quite honest, there is no way we could make it work to provide a full-day course (with food!) for only $149 if it wasn’t for the number of sponsors that have shown a great interest in helping us pull the events off!

What do sponsors get out of the deal?

Each sponsors will get one table/booth at the event.   If the results are anything like the educational events I gave last year with the Top Producer team, then the sponsors will find our presentations a great way to reach a local audience of tech-interested agents who are interested in improving their internet marketing.

Even without the extra incentives we’re giving to attendees to spend money on our sponsors, we’d expect our sponsors to get involved because they are looking to get a good ROI from the event.  Period.


With all that said, Jim and I are committed to creating a solid wall between the content we present at the seminars and the people who sponsor our event.  Don’t expect us to give a sales pitch for any of our sponsors, but don’t expect us to be silent about them either.  Since we’ve only been inviting companies to sponsor who we think provide a good value to the agent community, it turns out that we’ve included many of our sponsors in our presentation before we even reached out to them!

(Also of interest is that Mike mentions I talked about Altos Research during my Top Producer seminars, even though Altos wasn’t sponsoring the event.   If you provide a quality product to the agent community, don’t be surprised if we mention your name regardless if you sponsor!  😉 )

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  1. It is just awesome to have them on board! What a great product. Our attendees will be please with this!

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