With Ardell, don’t expect to…

…get the usual web2.0 definition.   Think: Consumers.

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  1. To be fair, all are thinking consumers. Some are thinking consumers with a big net in their hand, like wading at the waters edge waiting for a fish to come close enough. But thinking of them, they are.

    Most would not agree that it is inappropriate to capture their email address when they comment on the blog, and go after them in that manner. But that’s a whole nuther topic that I wouldn’t expect more than 5% to “get” let alone 20%.

  2. Ardell: I think the difference is that your definition of web2.0 focuses on consumer engagement whereas most people focus on the technology. In my presentations I tend to use a very similar logic when explaining web2.0 to agents, so it is a lot of fun to read your version! 😉

  3. Well, you know, “Ardell in Ardell’s World” again.

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