Looks like people running a blog from the Real Estate Webmasters…

…are in a bit of SEO trouble after REW upset the Google Gods by dancing around the edges of good linking etiquette. 

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  1. I’ve always thought Morgan often “pushed the envelope”. I used to get emails from REW frequently asking me to participate in what (to me) seems like a link exchange. Those emails have declined in frequency lately (though that may be because I asked them to stop sending them).

    REW builds beautiful sites, no question about that. And they’ve got nearly rabid fans. But they do seem to toe the line. And when you do that, you tend to cross over it.

  2. Have to agree with Jay that REW builds beautiful sites. Morgan is talented but may want to consider how what he does may tarnish his brilliance.

  3. REW sites are built with solid on-page SEO principles from the ground up. Morgans methods are actually more ethical than the average SEO practitioner. Even the webs SEO all stars occasionally get dinged for one thing or another. If there were a set of SEO rules set in stone it would be much easier to follow the rules. As it is the rules change significantly every few months. In my short three year career of pushing web sites to the first page of google I have met some rather shady characters, Morgan Carey is not one of them. Sadly just creating a great website and waiting for traffic is not an option if you want to rank high on the serps, and the fine line between ethical and unethical is often blurry.

  4. Mike: My really only education on REW’s problems comes from Greg Boser’s post, so I could be missing stuff. He seems to argue that REW’s onsite SEO is just fine, but that their message boards and email campaigns were the real trigger that upset the google gods. And from reading the email that was sent out, it’s not even all that blurry.

  5. Link exchange is nothing new. Software companies popped up left and right with new products to automatically promote exchanging links for higher rank. So many were doing it that it seemed like standard operation if you wanted to rank high on the serps. As soon as we realized that we would and could be punished for it “smart people” quit doing it. Now some of the trends include using “do-follow” blogs and social networking to cross promote our websites. For now it works but I’m sure it won’t last long. As a webmaster who makes a good living off promoting my sites I am always going to use any edge I can until it becomes nonproductive. As long as there is no law against it I’m going to do whatever I can figure out to rank higher and when the methods change I will adapt. I can’t speak for Morgan but I’m sure his intension’s have always been to work within the guidelines laid down by the powers that be.

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    From everything I have read and prior experience it is quite likely that it has been Greg Boser Beating the drums behind the scenes for a group of disaffected former REW members such as Mert Sahinoglu of Falcon Living Chicago. It seems like Real Estate Webmasters does flirt with the edge as far as the rules go, and it seems that some people like these spend considerable energies trying to take companies like Real Estate Webmasters down.

    Usually these people are former members of Real Estate Webmasters forum who get kicked off for being down right rude or overly aggressive in their commentary to others.

  7. I was considering REW… Any suggestions to another like solution?

  8. Amber: What are you looking to do? Set up a website? blog? What attracted you to the REW offering?

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