Besides just beating Zillow, I find it impressive…

…that Trulia was able to grow traffic throughout the fall and especially in December.

Trulia Traffic Growth

Joel wonders if the Zillow team is happy to be out of the spotlight, but I say no way.  Momentum is critical at this point to both companies. Momentum opens doors, gets better press coverage and keeps investors happy… so hats off to Trulia.

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  1. I’m sure Zillow is happy, like the Dallas Cowboys are happy. They are the #1 seed, and just lost a game home to a division rival. I suspect Zillow traffic will pick up since Trulia has had a broker feed program in place about 10 months longer than Zillow has had one. I also don’t see Trulia losing any momentum with the announcement of TPP. Should be an interesting 2008. Esp, with all the start-ups on the horizon.

  2. I keep hearing about start-ups on the horizon. What start-ups in particular are on the horizon. I didn’t hear about any either here or on FOREM for the past week since RE Connect. Any specifics.

  3. jd: No specifics at the moment… but I know of at least two relatively well-funded start-ups in this space that plan to launch this month! And at least a two more than think they’ll be ready this quarter. It should be interesting to see if any of them can make headway!

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