“We gotta get busy”

I loved listening to Brian Brady!   He’s a great speaker and our presentation from RE Connect is now live.

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  1. I disagree with your thoughts on having a subordinate “ghost” blog. What’s funny, is that you’re the one who proved to me otherwise. How often does Anna blog on Rain City?

  2. Todd: I’m not sure why Anna proves the rule, but I think we’ve got different definitions of “ghost” writers… In my mind, a ghost bloggers is someone who you would pay to write your posts for you.

    It’s very clear on RCG that Anna is not posting the information and consequently ALMOST ALL of the leads go to other people. If I had stroped away that layer of transparency and “pretend” that Anna was generating the content, I’d never have been able to attract the quality of writers that I got, nor build up the community that is Rain City Guide.

  3. I agree that you wouldn’t want to misrepresent who’s actually blogging. But your comments in the presentation noted how an intern for instance, would not be as effective at writing the blog as the agent would be. I don’t think that’s the case. You admitted yourself that you built RCG for Anna, even though she rarely contributed. That’s why I was using her as an example.

    Another example is Lani Anglin-Rosales, who is not an agent, but is the main writer for SinglePoint Realty’s blog. I don’t think an agent has to play a primary role in writing for their blog to be successful. Hiring a good writer, and maybe calling them the “community advocate” or something could work just as well.

  4. Todd, I don’t disagree a bit with what you’re saying… Agents should be doing what ever they can to get good, solid, local content on their sites!

    When I say I don’t like ghost writing, I’m simply referring to the practice of having other people write article under your name. I’ve seen lots of real estate agents attempt this and the results are inevitable, bland, predictable and never worth linking to.

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