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I began blogging before I new to call it a blog.  I was just looking for a way to share photos and stories from my family vacations with family online. (Kindly, the folks at Berkeley’s hosting service, LMI, have kept the original vacation journals up despite the fact I haven’t paid them a penny in probably five years).Those early journals are a “blog” in the sense that they were date-based notes of my adventures, but the reality is that I was hard-coding all the HTML and ftp’ing the photos on those sites, so it was much more laborious than the blogging that I know today. Nonetheless, despite the awkward formatting, I still get a kick out of those earlier sites, and especially the trip to Russia. I turned to my first blog platform, Blogger, some time in early 2003 when I started doing a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (bike ride around Lake Tahoe). I was told (don’t remember where) that it would be easier to document my training and fundraising progress (and it was!).   (It is interesting to note that I must have been a pretty earlier user because I was able to get a three-letter subdomain: “tyr”, which is unthinkable today. )  When I think back to my early “blogs”, it is interesting that I never thought of myself as “blogging”…   I was really just trying to find a better way to share stories with family and friends.   One of the things that I hope to do with 4realz is return to those roots.  And given a choice, I’d much rather be known as a good story-teller than a good blogger.

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  2. Dustin’s Russian trip blog is a must read by anybody wanting to get a good sense of Russia from the American perspective. I lived there for a couple of years and, while my mindset changed over time to become more involved in the culture, Dustin definitely hit it on the head with his travel journal. Thanks Dustin for documenting that. It brought back lots of great memories!

  3. I’m so glad you appreciated the Russian Trip site. I really want to take a trip to Russia during the winter one time. Hopefully all the pieces will come together next year!

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