I’m in the market for a laptop…

…so took special note when Chad put together a nice primer.    The question I’m wrestling with, however, is whether to go PC or Mac.  I’ve been a PC user for so long that, as twisted as the environment is, I feel like I “understand” a Microsoft environment.  Hopping on a Mac always feels like entering a foreign land where stuff just doesn’t work like it is suppose to.   However, just for performance issues (i.e I’ve never had a PC system that lasted over a year without needed a complete rebuild) I’d definitely go with a Mac if only it wasn’t for the ridiculous premium on all peripheral devices and software.   With that said, I’m more likely to get a MacBook now then ever so if someone from the Cult of Mac wants to try to get me to take a leap, now is the time.   🙂

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  1. Once you go Mac, you never go back. Seriously, it’s just a better experience, and Vista runs better on a MacBook Pro.

  2. After two months on a Macintosh, you’ll understand everything that’s wrong with Windows. The remark about costs is a canard: The biggest cost in owning a Windows machine is the aftermarket cost of trying to keep it alive.

  3. imac therefore iam

  4. go pc

    don’t give in to mac just because your friends are

    i’ve thought over and over about it

    i’ll be getting a 17″ hp laptop next year


  5. Mac – Gotta be Mac. My 15″ MacBook Pro is the best computer I’ve ever owned…

    My advice. Get VMWare Fusion or Parallels and run XP in a virtual machine as a security blanket when you first switch (I did) – with Leopard’s Spaces you can kick back and forth between OS’s seamlessly (just go full screen with the VM in one Space). It’ll blow your mind… 🙂

    I bet over a few months though, you’ll find yourself going over to XP less and less. The only time I ever go in there now is to hop on the VPN.

  6. Thanks Loren for the backup… 😉

    I’m still undecided, but a 15″ MacBook Pro might be the answer…

    And Greg, the peripherals are always more expensive on a mac. I remember buying a $15 headset (for Skype) for my PC that worked just great. When I tried to use it on my iMac (at home), it turned out the prongs we’re long enough and I needed to get a “Mac” headset for $60! BTW, the Mac headset looked nice, but it was flimsy as all hell and my son made good work of it in a matter of days and now it is held together (barely) by tape. Anyway, I’ve had many similar experiences with our iMac that make me hesitant to keep adding more cash to Jobs’ bank account. Nonetheless, I might just bite the bullet for many of the reasons that you guys are stating above.

    Thanks for your input everyone!

  7. I just have to say MAC. Sorry I’m late. Let me say it again, MAC.

  8. OH… and Loren is just wrong. Wish I could sugar coat it. 🙂

  9. Mac. All the cool nerds have them. Peripherals are getting cheaper and more compatible. And you can get iwork for $80 instead of $400 or so for office.

  10. Dell Small biz Latitude Laptop with XP, 17″, 2GB Mem for around $650. Of course, you’d also need Office, but at least you can still get an XP laptop direct from a manufacturer. And it’s cheap.

    Compare that to a similar iBook, and you’ll be paying 3x. Maybe 4x. I’m sorry, but is a Mac really that much better?

  11. Dustin,

    I say I have considered buying a Mac Book Pro 17″ and running only vista just because it is a SWEET LOOKING MACHINE. I would just cover up that silly apple logo.

    or maybe even get a custom lid made that had MY logo on it or something like that


  12. Jeff – Bite Me 🙂


  13. I will buy a Mac the second that I can accomplish every activity with the Mac OS. Having to run a second OS (Windows) to be compatible with real estate and lending specific software is rediculous. If the Mac OS can’t meet your needs without the help of Windows, why have it?

  14. Chad: All very valid points! 🙂

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