Todd has decided to…

double up the questions today… 😉 

Difference between 4realz and twitter?

Not sure. In the sense that most tweets are simple observations (as oppose to the requested “what are you doing?”), there’s not a huge difference. But then again, I’d say the same thing about a flickr photo or a youtube video. In a simple sense, flickr photos are just blog posts that aren’t ruined by too much text. I’m hoping that 4realz can provide observations that aren’t ruined by too much text.

Dustin’s favorite blogs?

I feel somewhat guilty for not having updated the blogs on my sidepanel in a year and a half. At some point soon, I’m hoping to take a deep breath and think through which blogs should be considered favorites. On a side note, one (devious) idea that I have is to list blogs in blocks of tens, as in 10 A-list blogs, 10 B-list blogs, 10 C-list blogs, etc. My thought is that like Zestimates, the accuracy is irrelevant. I’m more interested in the conversation (and inbound links) it would generate.

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  2. Great idea- putting blogroll into groups. Would serve well as a quasi ranking system. I also agree you need to update your blogroll- you have BlueRoof Blog going to my old blogspot address I haven’t used in 14 months- LOL.

    Really enjoying the new, funner blog…

  3. Hey Dustin,
    Just heard about your move…Congrats!!
    Your August presentation at Keller Williams Mega Camp inspired me…as did your help along the way. This Jersey gal has started blogging thanks to you.
    Good Luck!!!

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