4Realz Roundtable: Getting Value out of Social Networks

Today (Thursday) at 4pm PST, I’m going to hosting another podcast and you’re invited to participate live! Today’s topic? Getting Value out of Social Networks

Here are some of the issues, we’re likely to explore:

  • With some of the new social networks for real estate launching recently (like MyDealBook & RealSeekr), how are they trying to differentiate themselves? And what chance do they have for adoption?
  • What should real estate professionals look for in a social network?
  • What are some keys to success for social networks trying to reach into the agent community?
  • What does it take to do well in micro-blogging environments like Twitter and Plunk?

I’m not sure how many of these issues we’re likely to cover and I honestly don’t mind if we get inspired to go way off topic!

Assuming you haven’t been officially seated at the roundtable, there are two ways for you to participate in today’s conversation.

  1. Call in. Register with TalkShoe (it’s free) and call into the conversation. (More info is on this 4realz Roundtable page). Then when you feel inspired to ask a question or leave a comment, let us know in the chat room and I’ll open up the floor to you.
  2. Chat. You can simply log into the conversation (Again, more info is on this 4realz Roundtable page), and use the chat feature to ask a question.

I’m really getting excited about this and hope you’ll tune into the live show.


We’ve got a great lineup this week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s a number of people who will always be invited for a seat at the roundtable… So far, some of the regulars who will be joining us today include:

Plus, in order to give an on-the-ground perspective, I’m extremely thankful that both of these guys will be joining us today:

This should be a blast, so please join in the conversation live at 4pm PST (7PM EST).

You can listen to a recording of the podcast here:

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