4realz Roundtable: Marketing Real Estate with Video

[Note: This turned out to be an awesome conversation…  You can see who participated in the call as well as listen to the conversation at the bottom of this post!]

On this week’s 4realz Roundtable, I’m really looking forward to discussing marketing with video… and in particular, how real estate agents are effectively using video to promote themselves, their communities and their listings.

My concept of video is pretty broad and includes virtual tours… Some of the companies I imagine we’ll cover include ways to market using YouTube, TurnHere, WellcomeMat, Real Estate Shows, Vimeo, MLBroadcast Vidlisting, and Utterz.


Because I don’t want to butt the roundtable up too close to the forth of July weekend, I’m MOVED the time to Wednesday, July 2nd.    So, for this week only, please join us at 4pm on Wednesday for what should be a great Roundtable!  As always, the call in telephone number and links to the chat can be found on this page: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/20339


We had such a great conversation!  I really want to thank all the people who joined up to take part in the conversation including:

You can listen to the conversation here:


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  1. Well I was going to submit a seesmic video comment but……………

    Great show Dustin!

  2. but…. my wordpress.com backend won’t allow for that feature. 🙁 It’s time for me to move over to the self-hosted option! 😉

  3. Thank you very much Dustin. That was sooo much fun to be apart of your program today. When you have time, I would love to be apart of a discussion about “transparency in real estate and how some old school ways of thinking have just got to go”. Have a great day


    PS Here’s a video blog for you (sorry bumpy road) http://www.ianwatt.ca/RealEstateVideos

  4. […] know that some would say that virtual tours aren’t video (they said it today during our roundtable on video), but by simply exporting their shows to video format, the Real Estate Shows team is opening up a […]

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Looking forward to many participants in your REBarcamp “Deep Dive”


  6. A shout out to Ian Watt. I am a Realtor myself!!!

    I am really glad that Dustin was able to get you on the show.

  7. Ian: What an awesome video! Thanks so much for the great comments about the video and I definitely look forward to having you on board again soon. You’re doing some great stuff with video and it’s a lot of fun to watch! 🙂

  8. A shout out to both Mike and Ted: Thanks again for taking part in the roundtable!

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    Don’t think the effect has gone, big impact is yet to come.
    Better get ready for recession. Prevention is better than cure.

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