RE BarCamp: Collect them all while supplies last!

What a great day at RE BarCamp!

It was so much fun to see everyone and build out my card collection!

Blogger Cards, originally uploaded by tyrsdomain.

Lots more photos from myself and others on this Flickr group.

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  1. […] Those who answered Daniel’s call for background information (on time) were even awarded trading cards. […]

  2. […] whilst everyone is playing with real estate trading cards and getting excited about blogging at Connect, Trulia seem to be releasing their very own blogging […]

  3. Those were the absolute hit of REBarCamp!

    Good Job Grant, Gia, and the Zebra!

  4. The bidding on my card on ebay is up to 60 cents. Come on people, this thing could be worth a small fortune some day 😉 ( )

  5. I love that you actually threw it up on ebay! Too cool!

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