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  • Where else can you get a great conversation around RE BarCamps and Cougars???

    Thanks again to all the people who joined us on today’s radio show. Lani gave a great overview of this week in real estate and then we quickly dived into a conversation about the status and future of RE BarCamps with people such as Stacey Harman, Matt Fagioli and Todd Carpenter. Of course, we followed […]

  • Why bother with Facebook Pages?

    Call me crazy (you won’t be the first), but I think Facebook nailed it with their updated news feeds and new functionality of their Facebook Pages. But before I can explain why, I need to give some background on the difference between a Facebook Page (also called a Public Profile) and the standard Facebook Profile. […]

  • Move Brings in a New CEO

    From the press release: Move Names Steve Berkowitz as Chief Executive Officer: Move “today announced that Steven H. Berkowitz, a 25-year veteran of the media content, advertising and Internet industries, has been named as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Berkowitz has served on Move’s Board of Directors since June 2008. He succeeds […]

  • Impact of Social Media in the Luxury Market

    Earlier today I got my hands on a survey that the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM) did of their members around how they are using social networks. One of the reasons I really like this survey is that the number of emails and calls I get from luxury agents and brokerages has ramped up […]

  • Another Rock’n Inman Conference

    As always, the Real Estate Connect Event put on by Inman this year rocked!  The information, the people, the food, the fun…  it’s just way too much fun (honestly too much!).  And I know I’m a bit biased, but I hang with a really great group of people, even if you’all do stay out a […]

  • The trouble with Marc’s approach to Twitter

    Like many real estate professionals who are using the internet to market themselves, Marc seems to be overlooking the fact that the best clients come from your friends [link is broken, so I removed it]… your real friends. Most agents know this implicitly, but don’t necessarily make the connection to how they need to operate online. […]

  • NAR is upon us once again!

    As I write this on a Wednesday night, I can’t help think what a long week it’s been!   And yet, the week (and the fun) is just beginning. Tomorrow morning I leave for NAR…. and it’s not until I hit Orlando that things really heat up. First major stop: Friday @ 12:30 I’m moderating a […]

  • If I were NAR’s Social Media Manager, I’d…

    … listen to the needs of NAR executives and execute on their ideas. It’s pretty clear from the job description, that that’s all they are looking for.  Anything more sounds fun, but probably isn’t realistic for NAR at the moment… and there’s nothing wrong with this.  It sounds like Hilary is swamped with work, so […]

  • Blogworld, emails, hotlist and more…

    I’ve been enjoying the ease of posting over on the 4realz Hotlist, so if things have been light here, it’s only because it’s so fast and fun over there.  Definitely check it out and consider signing up to write your own microposts. Also, the first day of BlogWorld (the REBlogWorld portion) has been a blast  […]

  • Kinda sad, but I just unsubscribed…

    …from at least 100 real estate blogs. Most common reason? They hadn’t been updated in at least 6 months.