4RealzEd Irvine was exhilarating!

What an awesome crowd!

4RealzEd Irvine

People seemed interested, engaged, and enthusiastic about the material.   Thanks to everyone who helped make this event happen!

Also, I just posted a few of my photos from the event on Flickr… including photos from the evening before when a group of us went out for dinner at an unbelievable too Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach.

What a blast!

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  1. Hey Dustin,

    I saw the flickr photos shared on Twitter… Looks like good times! I’ll catch you at the event in Pasadena in late May. I’ll rally up the posse. In the meantime, see ya in Sherman Oaks.

  2. Thanks again Dustin! It was a great event with a lot of valuable information. I’ve already started going through my pages of notes and have started recommending the seminar to Assist-2-Sell brokers.

  3. Thanks for a great meeting filled with great ideas. It was well worth my time. I think you and Jim have much success ahead of you with this topic! Glad to have met both of you.
    – Stacey Harmon, Surterre Properties

  4. So excited about the material and anxious to begin the ‘nuts and bolts’ of putting the ideas to work – that piece still feels a bit overwhelming to someone that is not inherently ‘techy’. I just know I want to do all of this!

  5. Great educational seminar! I look forward to the next 90 days. Thank you for all the information and to the guys at Chicago Title in Cypress for sharing the good word.

  6. Erin, Stacy, Linsey, Kim and Steve:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the seminar! Jim and I definitely look forward to going forward to getting to know you’all better over the next 90 days! 😉

  7. Dustin,

    Great seminar, well worth the drive from Ventura County to Irvine. Great information and detailed. Thanks again, I ‘ll come again in May and bring some friends.

    Ted Mackel
    Keller Williams Realty
    Simi Valley, CA

  8. Hi Dustin & Jim,
    I first heard you speak at our Coldwell Banker Company meeting in January – and was stimulated by the wealth of ideas you shared in a short time. I couldn’t wait for your Pasadena class, I live in SFV, to learn more & start understanding more of what I know I want to do, but not sure how!! After your program yesterday in Irvine –
    I am really excited about the 90 day course & will be with you 100+%. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more.
    My only thought to improve the next one is set up the sponsors, so their interaction with the attendees during the session does not interfere with those of us trying to stay focused on your material.
    I too may have to go to Pasadena for a review – you both had soooo much great information & make it sound so easy! Thanks
    Coldwell Banker Brentwood Court



  10. Thank you Dustin and Jim for a very energizing presentation. Your enthusiasm shines through all of your material. Hopefully I will be able to implement some of your valuable tips in an engaging way. I certainly am looking forward to our 90-day e-mail program. Thanks, again,

  11. Dustin & Jim-Thanks for the info & I look forward to flooding the internet with wonderfully created & totally captivating blog info & other such stuff…with your guidance & help of course! Keep up the great work (just don’t get the secret out too well…just kidding!).

  12. Hi Dustin & Jim:

    Thank you for an informative class. I am so glad that Jerry Bieser with Chicago Title recommended your seminar to our office. (BTW-that’s me in the center front row of your photo with Andree, Steve and Ali) I will be recommending your next seminar when you return to our area. You both gave excellent presentations and really motivated me. Thank you again!

    Mary Ann Ferris
    Recruiting, Sales & Training
    Hanu Reddy Realty
    Irvine, California

  13. Thank you for the valuable information, Dustin and Jim. Looking forward to the 90 day program and continuing to learn from you guys.
    Mike Wochner
    Coldwell Banker, Big Bear Lake, CA

  14. Awe shucks… I am feeling a LOT of love in this room… group hug anyone!! Lets keep spreading the 4RealzEd gospel!! Thanks to EVERYONE for taking the time to leave such positive comments!! Roz, I completely understand your point about the sponsor location and thanks for pointing it out… after only two events, we still come home from each with a list of things to improve….

  15. Hi Dustin, I saw the flickr photos this morning following my twit feed, I recognized some people. Glad it was successful and hope you can make it to Ann Arbor someday.

  16. Dustin,

    Thank you for all of the information provided. I think the 90 days of just 15 minutes at a time is a wonderful model, and I look forward to it.

  17. Dustin,
    I attended the Irvine seminar and it was the most useful event I’ve attended in a long time. I am very excited to learn more about your systems and what the new world of real estate marketing is all about.

  18. Dustin,

    The Irvine seminar was a real eye opener. The information that you and Jim put together was so unique and valuable to the current real estate marketplace. I am really looking forward to the 90 day ramp up and will definitely recommend your seminar. The only change for the next one would be to turn up the heat. It was freezing in there.
    Best of luck.

  19. Ok, seeing the key to getting better CEO is having more links on our website; I need some help understanding exactly how to do that. Do you have a specific place where you put the links? Am I suppose to write an article and include a link in it? If so, this could get old REALLY fast. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Great information, great strategy. I’m looking forward to the next 90 days and at the end being able to evaluate and visualize how much can be accomplished. Alright so I’m a few days behind already, but I’ll be caught up soon! 🙂 Thanks again.

  21. Hello gents, I already email Dustin on how much I enjoyed and received value from the event, and what a great job both Jim and Dustin did. Also the fact that someone finally ‘got it’ that we REALTORS we missing the tools and direction to successfully create a viable website and blog. Thanks again guys. Looking forward to the next 89 days of info. Cheers! James St James-Surterre Properties

  22. Thank you for the great seminar. You had a lot of valuable information that I look forward to implicating in my business. For your knowledge many of the emails in the 90 day course end up in my junk mail. Is there something you can do to fix this for the remainder of the course?

  23. Ingela,

    I’m glad you found this stuff valuable… There’s not much I can do about your spam filter that is grabbing our emails. However, if you “rescue” them, some spam filters are smart enough to “learn” the emails are good…

  24. Although seemingly daunting at first, considering I lived in an age where color televisions were a modern day marvel, this seminar was truly remarkable!! Although I must admit that my assistant will be doing much of the up keep, I learned and still am learning so much!! Quoting a line that my marvelous, tech-savvy assistant wrote to Dustin:
    Again, I wanted to shower you with praise for your
    program; time permitting, it’s an
    invaluable resource that can bolster any agent to
    super-star!! I can’t wait to fully delve
    That pretty much says it all!!! Thanks for such a great course!

  25. I was also at the Laguna Hills seminar. I have been looking for the right path for my internet education and I have found it. Totally jazzed to be doing the coursework after the seminar. I look forward to being a repeat attendee!

  26. Internet marketing through the platforms of social networking…who knew wrestling this Goliath to the ground could become the equivalent of a 15-mins a day discipline! Thanks for what you are doing!

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