A tipster let me know the details on the big NRT…

announcement.   It has less to do with listing distribution and more to do with a large reshuffling of resources.

But I’m torn…  Despite the fun of “breaking” rumors, I don’t want to turn this site into the Valleywag of real estate.  (Also, I really like the folks at NRT and don’t want to steal any of their thunder.)   Should I be publishing tips in full or is it enough to just give hints?

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  1. Post the hints; email us the scoop!

  2. Don’t be so stingy with the details. If you don’t post them, people will stop sending you hints. They send them to you because they know you’ll talk about them. If that stops, don’t be surprised to see the hints stop as well.

  3. Jim and Damon,

    I hear you on the need to keep it interesting… 🙂 I’ll let this simmer for a bit and should nothing go out publicly in the next day or so, I’ll post the info that I have.

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