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  • LA Times Examines Local Home Search Options

    “Over two days in June, we searched each site for three-bedroom, single-family homes on the market in Santa Monica.” The results: Zillow: 168 homes* HomeGain: 142, 48 homes (depending on day) ZipRealty: 126 homes Yahoo Real Estate: 107 homes Realtor.com: 103 homes MSN Real Estate: 103 homes RE/Max: 91 homes Trulia: 77 homes Coldwell Banker: […]

  • Doing it the Coldwell Banker way: Yahoo is now Google’s…

    …hmmm… I can’t do it justice.   You just have to watch the video yourself.

  • Auctions are a small portion of the market, but I still…

    …find it interesting that CB is looking to develop this option in Florida. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard auctions make up a large portion of the market in some countries (like Australia).  My take is that the real benefit of an auction model is that in a down market an agents […]

  • Sara of Zillow drops the bomb that…

    …Realogy is now syndicating all of their listings to Zillow. But this won’t come as a surprise to regular 4realz readers, since I mentioned that was likely to happen last week based on a message from a tipster… “The only listing announcement related to the three companies in the “tip” I see coming out of […]

  • A tipster let me know the details on the big NRT…

    …announcement.   It has less to do with listing distribution and more to do with a large reshuffling of resources. But I’m torn…  Despite the fun of “breaking” rumors, I don’t want to turn this site into the Valleywag of real estate.  (Also, I really like the folks at NRT and don’t want to steal any […]

  • I was somewhat suprised to hear just how bullish…

    …some of the ColdwellBanker/NRT executives are on Frontdoor.com when the topic came up at a recent CB event.  But considering the vast, relevant, promotion HGTV could start throwing at the site mixed with the fact that they continue to add listings at a good clip, my initial skepticism has been infected with a bit of […]

  • NRT announcement on the way?

    Always happy to spread some more rumors, someone (who I’ll leave anonymous) justed emailed me this tip: “…the reason I am sending this is that I was just speaking with my manager here at [XYZ] who told me that ‘You will be happy to hear that NRT is going to have and announcement in the […]

  • How to Jump-start your social networking with LinkedIn

    I mentioned a bit ago that I’m taking part in a CB education event in a few weeks. One of the things I agreed to do was to mentor two real estate agents in how they can get the most out of social networking. However, good social networking takes time… and we only have two […]

  • Coldwell Banker Education Fair in LA

    Just got information about a Coldwell Banker event I’ll be participating later this month. With fellow panelists Burke Smith of ipayOne fame, Jorritt Van der Muelen of Zillow and Alejandro Foung of Trulia, it should be a lot of fun (and hopefully informative!).