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  • Sharing some Hotlist heat

    I’m a huge fan of releasing interesting projects and seeing where the community will take things.    In terms of experimentation, the Hotlist has been a huge success, and I want to thank the dozens of folks who have signed up… and especially those who have posted microposts and/or comments. In the past day, we’ve had […]

  • BHG Real Estate (re)launches and…

    …the folks I talked with at RE  Connect were pretty underwhelmed. BHG Real Estate

  • A huge congrats to Galen for winning…

    …the most innovative web services award for Estately!

  • Love the SocialNotes Implementation on Roost

    Want to share a listing with that special someone?  Check out Roost’s implementation… Background: SF Chron Roost Blog SocialNotes on RCG

  • On the hunt for new real estate marketing tools!

    The great folks at Inman News have asked me to put together a 15 minute presentation at SF Connect this year… and I’m downright excited about it.   The title of my presentation:  50 Technologies To Help You Survive the Downturn. I’ve got some huge shoes to fill in that both Jamie Glenn of Trulia […]

  • A fascinating conversation about NAR/DOJ…

    I really want to thank the industry titans who participated in today’s podcast: Michael Wurzer of FBS Data Systems & FlexMLS blog Bill Lublin of Move Philly Jeff Turner of Real Estate Shows Mike Price: MLBroadcast As well as all the people who listened in and provided wonderful chat commentary throughout the podcast. There were […]

  • In hiring another eBay exec as CTO, is Move looking to become…

    … a mini-eBay? We know that eBay Real Estate has largely failed to win over public interest beyond the occasional newsworthy listing (like when a town comes up for auction!), so I think it is an interesting question to ask what an eBay team might do differently this time assuming they had Move’s focus and […]

  • Bob Hale gives a fascinating presentation about…

    …HAR‘s success in building up a consumer-destination site for Houston real estate listing information. The presentation (*.pdf) is well worth a read and Chris McKeever of NAR’s CRT does a great job summarizing the highlights… But the slide that stuck out the most for me was HAR’s local market share: It goes without saying that […]

  • Auctions are a small portion of the market, but I still…

    …find it interesting that CB is looking to develop this option in Florida. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard auctions make up a large portion of the market in some countries (like Australia).  My take is that the real benefit of an auction model is that in a down market an agents […]

  • Rumors spread that Trulia is getting Prudential’s Listings

    It started with the real estate coach and spread to Joel before hitting 4realz. And it all seems so believably that no one is really doubting the story. However, I think it is worth nothing that there’s a bit of confusion over the total number of listings that Prudential would be giving Trulia… and I’m […]